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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy CNY!

Okay I'm feeling a bit drunk now.. zzz. Head spinning sia! D:

Only drank like maybe a bit out of 2 cups of 5% wine? And now headache liao. Omg weak sia. Hahah. Melody and Amanda drank like a hell lot can. Ahpeh got all drunk. LOL. Whole face and both hands red. Damn funny.

Ate steamboat! :D damn nice. But no rice so didn't feel full. But I eventually got damn full la. Ahpeh bought a hell lot of shabu shabu beef. Damn nice :D the three girls (me, Melody and Amanda) kept kopeing la. x] then Amanda kept eating the abalone. Me and Melody ate like, 1 and 2 slices la. Then in a while more than half the plate of abalone gone. Then we all look at Amanda. HAHAH.

TIMOTHY BOUGHT OAKLEY'S! 500bucks. And its not the sunglasses, its the normal glasses. Omg la. I was like.. why Timothy's specs look so big on his face ah.. then when Mel came over sa-m commented on his specs.. then I "OMG YOU GOT OAKLEYS!!" cuz I saw the logo thingy at the side. Hahah super stupid.

He's got like 80 (I bet I heard wrong and its only 18) handphone games in his hp. Wth can. His Quadrapop highscore CANNOT BEAT ME LA. Hahahaaaa sad la. He was playing this uh.. idk how to explain game. Got a lot of blocks then you must clear by using the ball and the paddle. He's addicted sia.

Wah buey tahan. Damn sleepy already can. And its only 10.33am. Stupid wine.

And oh,

gong xi gong xi.

Now for the angbaos.
(hurhurhurrrrr! Muahahaha.)

And to plan for the clothes I wanna wear. :D MY ADIDAS SNEAKERS AND LEVIS JEANS OMG COME TO MEEE.

What have I done. You seem to move on easy.
Everytime I try to fly I fall.

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