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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sailors <3

Its so fun so spam Blogthings. Got tempted by Drey and Jiaqi. Hahah.

So ended up only the sec3s came over today, and it was damn fun. :D Iggy, David, Nic, Quin and Aaron. ;]

Nic, David, Quin and I watched The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (OMG AWEEEESOME! I'm so happy I The Fast and The Furious PSP game), while Iggy and Aaron camped in my room O2Jamming.

Went out with them to Downtime, near Thomson Plaza. Played Battle Field 2 (something like Counter Strike). Me, David and Aaron vs. Nic, Quin and Iggy! Damn fun k. But got a bit sian cuz I was sniping x] I think we lost eventually but we were damn close to winning la. Kept changing as we played.

Aaron and Nic left. Then we played Audi till we had to pay like $6.20. IGGY AND DAVID FINALLY TRIED AUDI! :D hahaha!

Dinnered at Thomson Plaza, walked around, went to Yamaha and David got a drink at KFC so we sat down to chat a bit. :] cabbed home after that, thanks Iggy and David! :D

As I was walking back I was thinking maybe it's a good thing this was a sec3s-only kinda thing. LOL.

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