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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still sick maan.


It seems that I'm still gonna be going for the race afterall. I told mom I'd go there first and see how. If I was unwell still, Imma be the team's LALA DUI! (cheerleader) :D

I'm feeling.. well, worse today. Infact, much worse. If it wasn't for the fact my fever's gone and my stomache comes like, every few hourly lalalawhatever, I'm much better. But this morning I was still giddy and now I'm having cough. D: wth manzx!

Mom made me bring panadol and whatever crap to NSC with me, just incase my headache gets worse, which it already is. o__o

AND my nose is bleeding. o__o idk how but I know its not nosebleed, cuz I bet its a cut. How it got there? Not too sure. I smelt blood while watching a vid halfway and took tissue and uhm stuffed it up my nose =.= and yeah the tissue was bloodaye. x.x

But yeah, sorry Bev I can't go out with you today babe! :(

I just think I'm gonna have a hell horrible time on the bus later if everyone's gonna be so noisy. :\

For being such lovely people (ahhhhhhhahaha), I'm gonna give you guys a treat! :D

A BLACKBEAT VIDEO! I can keep watching this and not get sick of it (cuz I've been watching this vid once-in-a-while-ly since like, last year. :D


Next time then I'll post up the Melissa Reyes vid kay? :D guys, just don't drool over her cuz she's so damnnnn perfect k? xD I love her hair, tho. She looks exactly like Vanessa Anne Hudgens!

Uhm, gotta rush off to bathe now zzz. :] slowpoke-yyyy. :\ but yeah. Wish me luck maan! ;D

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