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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ah I'm so boreddd.

And guess what? I can say I expected it la, but the sec4s onwards backed out of coming my place. SO EXPECTED. Like, LOL.

So yeah all that's left is Iggy, David, Nic Wong and Quin. Darren wants to sleep somemore. Ugh.

Actually, I'm feeling quite pissed off. But oh well.

And now my mom kp me. "Can you ask them to come over after lunch?" "Can you go and washup first?" "Can you go and bathe first?" "Do you even know what time they are coming over?" "How many of them?" "Don't call so many of them!" "And your blahblah drawer everytime should put properly, don't think you should blahblahblah." you know how annoying it is?

Wake up to have my mom kp me. A bit whatever can. And I just woke up, so I'm grumpyyy.

And now, "Ei Gwen later you all don't mess up the house." I told her "We wont!!!" and she "I'm just telling you." in that stupid strict tone of her.


So I'm gonna close it now. ^^

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