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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Yearrrr <3 ;D

Tomorrow's (most probably) last day of visiting and I'm done. Wuahaha. :evil laughter:

Went to Mrs Sidhu's place today. Apart from Cheeteng, Drey and Nic Yeow, I was like the second to come, which only happens when PIGS FLY or when the sky drops, = NEVER. Wait there, no one, played PSP. Then saw 3 of them walk in from Delifrance or something. :D

Played PSP with Drey and Belle! ;D

Mrs Sidhu's place is DAMN COMFY. Much nicer than mine. And her wedding photos are taken at NSC, and they all look damn nice/sweet la. :D (altogether now, "awwww!" ;])

Waiting for the photos from Nic Wong. I looked retarded, tho.
Crapped a hell lot with the team including Lianghong and Daryl.
Mrs Sidhu included hehehe. ;D

actually I like chatting like that, its really fun cuz we're more open like that and there's a lot of laughter. Sec4s went off first. Then a longlonglonglonggggg time later went off with most of the sec3s (me, David, Ryan, Jack, Nic Wong, Joseph). We were the last ones to leave la! x]

Went J8 cuz we wanted to find the sec4s (Ningxin, Peckkhee, Justin, Weiming and gradutated Luolinggg!), and Ning said its either we go or they don't go. So we go.

When we got there something happened. I think Weiming thought it was cool or something to call us when we were already inside J8 to tell us "Hey I think we're going home first bah" and Justin in the background going "Ei my mom here to fetch me liao la zhao ah zhao!!"
I mean, we found it damn insulting and disappointing. They're taking us for fools or something? And we're the ones making an effort to bond with them and they do this to us since they don't wanna leave J8. A bit whatever right.

David talked to Weiming after that, he got so pissed off he hung up and immediately sighed and looked down. Ryan said his eyes were a bit red la. David was damn disappointed. :(

Walked around. Damn angry. David was quite quiet bah. When they were getting lunch from TORI-Q (:D), Ning called and asked us to go her place. We didn't really wanna at first, but I persuaded them and they were like okay lor.

David was meant to ignore Justin and Weiming the whole time at first, which he did on the bus la. Totally quiet. Then when we got there, board games bond us! :D and David was okay. They wanted to play Monopoly but in the end play Risk.

And oh, 13% wine.. :D

I was like anti-social can. Till some of them left and I joined Ning, Ryan, Justin, Ning's bro and Luos for a game of Slapjack (damn fun damn fun!)! ;] hard to explain how to play but yeah its just pure fun. :D then I got alright with them and started talking to Weiming and Justin. LOL. Cuz I kept losing! And I must've been the first person ever to get BOTH DECKS of cards in my hands.

Proves to you my reaction time is damn slow. Hahahahahaaaaa. =.=

Played till like 7plus, then go Thomson Plaza to eat. On the way Weiming and Justin had my hp and they smsed Ryan stuffs like "You're hot" and shit. I was like ahhhhhhhh! but Justin ran too fast for me. Not gonna run in my new Adidas and spoil it cuz of him yeah. LOL not worth luh. Hahaha. And oh that darling pair of shoes got a bit scratched. D:<

Went Subway after numerous decisions and we all ate. :D niceeee. Hahah. The cookies are still in my bag, damn full D:

Went to Uncle Willam's place after that. Almost fell asleep. And guess what? My mom, Aunty Laiying and Uncle Willam were talking about eyesight. Dunno how they talked till the topic came to me, and my mom was all "Hers is only astic, infact all of them is cuz of astic" cuz I'm the only person in my family not wearing specs.

And my mom went,
"Gwen I think you gotta go checkup and make specs already leh."

LIKE OMG? I've not worn specs for like 5 years (since pri3) and you want me to wear specs now? Okay la only for lessons but still, OMGGG. Can I go bang a wall and die?? D:
Hope the sailors I invite come over tomorrow! Can't invite too much tho cuz I think my parents don't want to many over. D: and there's like so many sailors I wanna invite la. Mostly inviting those that went to Mrs Sidhu's place yesterday. WANNA PLAY SLAPJACK! Hahahhh.

But cuz its a last min thing, a lot of them aren't replying meeeee cuz they're all asleep. Ugh! Only Justin (can only make it in the morning AHHHHHHH.), Darren and Ning so far can come bah. Grarhs! D:<

Iggy they all should be at OCH (Old Changi Hospital) walking around again. And therefore, NOT REPLYING MY SMSES. Gah you people!!

And Jiaqi asked me to go to Mr Lim's place in the afternoon. Like omg howhowhow?!

(from the handphone. =.= brought camera but lazy to use)

Cute robot necklace mom bought for me from Heeren @7.90! ;]

Hehehe my very own camerawoman!
She kept missing the cameraaaa D:<Hello sweets! ;D:D Yusheng thingy!

Fortune cookies @Uncle Willam's place! "You are a capable, competent, creative and careful person."

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