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Friday, February 08, 2008

Hello world!

Really bored. And not used to this super rectangular screen of gege Darren! (or do I call him Uncle Darren cuz he's my dad's cousin but he's super young..) should be gege Darren cuz I call Desiree "jiejie" o__o

AND BTW, ITS FREAKING FREEZING IN HERE. Watch Just Follow Law and Rush Hour 3 just now outside and my feet were freezing a damned lot and now my hands are. Omggg.

Anyways. So yeah. Went to xiao gu mah's place in the morning (she made brownies again omg yummm! But, FATTENING!) and came over to laogim's place in the afternoon.

Jiawen's super cute today as usual, but still fighting over the bags with her sis. Uh. And Jiaxuan fell backwards from the chair today and twisted her leg omggggg. Had this super big bruise. She cried and cried la. Worried for her. >:(

And I'm more worried for myself. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I'm suspecting something's wrong with my stomach again. Idk la. Just a hunch.

Mahjong sessions again for the older peoples. Uh. Really bored now like hello! Melody and her family and Johnathan and his family have ALL GONE HOME. Zzz.. Shaolin soccer's showing outside. Wondering if I should watch. But I've watched it so many times on tv for the past 3-4 years till the movie's memorisable for me. So yeahhhh, really bored now.

Super stretched screens are like so whatever. Now I know I can never get one. Everything's like much wider.

Going Mrs Sidhu's place tomorrow (not sure if with the seniors) and going to ahpeh's place after that for lunch till like night time I guess. Sunday I should be going Eileen's place for lunch :D

Hope tomorrow Timothy, Johnathan and Brandon wanna go and watch movie. Cuz me and Mel wanna go watch.. maybe CS7 (or what's the title?) or the Jay Chou bball movie! Hahahhh. Must go out as cousin-hood. o__o

Oh ya, Timothy's hat is so nice to hit LOL joking. First thing I did to him today when I saw him at xiao gu mah's place was to hit his hat. And he gave me a "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh whaaaat?" look. Hahah x]

And guess what? I now KNOW that ahmah's memory is really worsening.

Me and my cousins ate dinner with her at the dining table. And then we got really bored and came into gege Darren's room to slack with all the lights off lol. Then she came in and knew what she said to us?

"ni men chi bao le ah?" (meaning "you all eat already?"). Then Amanda "ya chi bao le." the moment she left the room me and Melody looked at each other. Then I "omg.. her memory is really worsening." felt like crying la omg. Hurts A LOT.

There's this ant on the screen and I'm watching it crawl up as I type. HAHA. So cute but so ugly. AHHHH SHITE I SAID THE WRONG THING CUZ THE MOMENT I TYPED THAT IT FLEW TOWARDS ME OMG EEEEEEEEYUCKS STAY AWAY FROM MY WINEEE! D:<

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