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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A choreo presented by BAMN! :D

Pretty awesome eh. I liked the way they managed to capture the beat, really amazing!

I wanna try self-learning their choreo. I like this kind of choreography- kinda like funk choreos! :D

Went to Jack's place (no, I don't mean the restaurant. Its JACK/Yingpeng's place) for dinner yesterday. RICH KID. His house was so bloody big, at Lentor. And his room's toilet is as wide as the width of my room.

He has this exercise machine in his room and his bed is for 2 people de. Omg la. DAMMNNNN big. Aaron and Nic stayed over. Actually we wanted to, but Cheeteng and Iggy wanted to go home so we followed. Hahah.

Wasn't on good terms with my parents. To the extent I wanted to stay over at Iggy's place with Quin and not tell them. But see la I'm such a good child. Still smsed my dad. But he still didn't lemme stay. So I camped there till 2am then my dad come fetch me lol.


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