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Monday, February 11, 2008

Tired shizz.

Wah, super headache now. Feel like sleeping but I've got homework to do! D:

Almost slept during Chinese and Geog. Omg la. I really need sweets to keep me going k. :(

PT was super.. wahhhsei today. Cuz MRS SIDHU BLUFFED US! D:< rarrrgh. Mrs Sidhu how could you! LOL. We thought it was too good to be true that we only had to run 3 rounds-

and we were right.

Ended up running 8rounds (or 8sets to badminton/bball people). 6 normal 2 timing. Wah cuz I really thought we can slack today I chionged the first 3 rounds. Ended up after all the pumping and crunches still got somemore. D:

Went home and after that went to ah gu's place for dinner and bai nian. Didn't wanna go at first but oh well, wasn't too bad. Been a long time since I saw him anyways.

Can't believe how I fell asleep on the car there with my earpiece in my ear, and yet not realise the song had changed to my ringtone. Meaning someone called me, but I was semi-asleep and I should've realised the song was totally way at the back of my playlist. =.= sorry piggy! HAHAH. :D

Dad bought half a roasted duck (omg I typed so fast it came out as f**k) and brought it to ahgu's place but I was damn full from the bao and the cookie from Subway (from Saturdayyy). It was damn soft la. So yeah now never leave a Subway cookie for 2days or you'd regret- SUPER SOFT. D:

Sailing tomorrow. Legs aching everywhere, shin bone still injured, right knee hurting after running today. Omg how could anything get worse.

Sorry if I seemed to to be in a bad mood or whatever in class during Chinese people. Its like, you guys gotta know when to quieten down. I was tryna write my zuowen and then you guys break into laughter and talk damn loud.

In other words, I was having a really bad day starting from morning, and I just felt it got worse and worse. :( cried in class to myself while the 3A people left after Chinese. Darren said goodbye to me and when I raised my head to reply he was all "you look like you're crying." but I told him I just yawned till I teared. Hah.

Going to ahmah's place for dinner tomorrow after sailing.

Omg I feel like crying.

(Gwen you're such a weakling. You've gotta face this someday. All old folks will eventually lose their memory. Yours has just started to show signs she's gonna lose all her memories very soon. Face the music and be strong, you've gotta be there for her right now and spend all the time you can with her before she even forgets.. you.)

Don't make promises when they're meant to be broken-

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