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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crabby. MRKRABS!

Had MICROWAVED crab for dinner tabao-ed from JUMBO SEAFOOD! :D yummy. But turned cold damn quickly. Kinda burnt my index finger and thumb when getting the bowl out of the microwave D:

Kept observing this lovelaye white flower that's in a Pink Dolphin waterbottle in the kitchen. Realised it bloomed within one day! ;D its damn nice.

My room's super messy already. Danggg it. :\

Gotta go tidy it up soon. & the amount of clothes in my closet has been halved ever since my maid went back to Indo for a while. D: shows my parents are bad houseparents! D:<

Baby I want you to be my ENTOURAGE-

Addicted to this song tho its damn old, music years ;D should search youtube for the dance choreo that Melissa Reyes did with this song in this dance class. :D super nice. I'm just lazy to post it up now.

Didn't go for dance today. Pam and Pris weren't feeling well. And I wanted to study for Common Test. But guess what? I was watching Run's House (1.30pm-6.30pm marathon!) when I fell asleep. When I woke up no mood to study le :(

My music list has expended! :D

Knew him for only 3days but he's already damn nice. :D thankyou thankyous! ;] he put a lot of songs into our sharing folder. Like I think almost 100 le. And there's the song by PARAMORE! Crush Crush Crush. Wanted that song last time but was lazy to find. THANKYOUU!! ;D

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