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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

6 down one to go.

Last paper tomorrow!

For 3E: Geog and Amath students yeah! :]

After that, a while of slacking and its back to mugging. Sec3 life.. sighhhh.

I FAILED EMATH. 10+/40. Hahahahahaha, hahahaha, HAHAHA. (goes crazy cuz she's disappointed with herself, REALLY disappointed)

I wanna bang a wall and die. I cried in class after Emath for the correct cause ^^ infact I think I was the only one who cried cuz everyone else was mad. HAHA. But yeah, I betcha I got lowest in class. D:

I hate life.

Wore jacket to school today cuz I was cold. And everyone's like "omg Gwen its so warm, I'm sweating, and you're WEARING A JACKET?!" o_o

Saw Kenkiong in the canteen today and asked him about the JEP thing, and he asked me to ask Cherilyn. Oooookay. And he seemed very siansian one. Then I found out he was having fever. D: omg must get well ah XIAO BAI TU! D:

Me and Ker were the only two idiots (not her, me) in 3E who wore PE shirt to school today. LOL man. But can wear la.

Bio+Chem paper wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Thanks Jani, Bev, Alex and Ker for all the last min Bio mugging! Cuz I only bothered to study for Chem. :D

Lit paper sucked. D: cuz totally all from the book! No unseen poems or any shizz. So I was quite disappointed. Got back lit class test 1 from Ms Yeo, and I got 19/25! :D one of the better ones. Think highest was Nicole with 22 or something? But yeah. :D I love my lit yeahhhh!

Went home straight after school (shocking, huh? I usually slack in school before going home) and turned on the com, signed into MSN and went to sleep =.= was really tired already. Slept for about 3hrs!

o__o omg pig.

Took over com from bro again and realised 6people talked to me on MSN. Uhm, one being him. Read what he said, got sad and cried. Stupid. Felt damn xin tong/heart suan, in a good way. But after that I realised how wrong I was.

Dumb Gwen. Dumbdumbbbbb Gwenny-oh.

I hate life.

If we're gonna keep being like that, no point for me to carry on holding high hopes. I should just let everything go. Fly fly a butterfly... Just.. get lost, out of my mind, will ya? I was ignoring you but what you said got me to break my own promise to myself.

I'll never seem to forget you, will I?

Disappointed in myself. And you. Yeaaah..

Didn't bother studying Geog. No mood, no whatever. I hate the fact geog is about essay-ish writing format again. :\

Still wondering if I should go for the field trip the sec4E geog students are going for.. but like my class.. only Syafiqah, Afiqah, Atiqah and Jani wanna go. I wonder if Ning takes geog, cuz she's from 4E and Mrs Koh says she's only taking the 4E geog students. :D

Really tired now. Guess Imma do some mind mapping for Geog 1.1-1.4 and then go lala land. :] :yawns:

I love Bev darling. Thanks for being there for me dear! :D

I wanna fall sick and die. Bleed to death or burst in flames for no unknown reason.
I hate 2008. 2008 SUCKS MANZX.. and to think 8 is my fav number. Hahahah BULLSHIT.

What hurts the most.. what hurts the most... is having so much to say, and watching you walk away.
Hate how much I love you.

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