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Friday, February 22, 2008


Its freggin' hard to sms with long nails. Zzz but I'm too lazy to cut 'em.

Anyways, didn't go to school today cuz I woke up at the sound of my mom's phone alarm and my stomach hurt a hell lot. So yeah. Told my mom I go eat breakfast first then see how, cuz she asked me to sms someone that I'm not going to school and get some rest. But after breakfast it wasn't any better, so yeah.

Woke up and was feverish. D: great, the least I wanted was to be feverish.

I always miss school on Fridays o__o it seems that my body likes to fall sick on Fridays, or at least tahan till Friday then I really fall sick.

Iggy called me (cuz Quin told him I didn't go to school) and he asked me to go his house/he come my house. One word: LAZYYYY! x] might go Downtime with the sailors later tho. See whether I feel better annot.

Kenkiong didn't go to school too. Was MSN-ing him. He's like really sick la, poor dude. GET WELL SOON XIAO BAI TU! ;D

Gonna make specs tonight with Celine I think. Idk what color to get! People are telling me white+black framed specs would be nice. So I'm like uhhh... okay. A lot of people got white+black specs le leh, its like quite common. o__o


Ah freak- I'm gonna look like a nerd with specs man. D: lol. But I've got no degree, only astic. So yeahhhh. I doubt I'll wear my specs often. DUMP IT LIKE MY PRI3 SPECS! LOL!

Ahhah... I'm so bored now.

Gonna help Sylvia darling with her lvl 11 to 12 licence! :D tata for now then. ;D


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