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Monday, February 04, 2008

Ugh. No mood, no appetite. Nothing.

I'm feeling damn affected by whats happening. And idk.

I mean, its between us. What for scold my friend and get all pekchek with him instead of me? Might as well scold me and tell me what you've been wanting to say infront of me. I'll just keep silent, let you scold on and on. I mean, you've got so much to tell them. Why not tell me.. about, well, ME?

And as for youuu. I feel.. really, uh, whatever already. I mean, go ahead, hide somemore. Idk what else. You're still ignoring me, not caring how I feel about this. Its always like that. Why can't you be like any other person? Yeah. Taking me for granted IS fun. Daaaamn fun, isn't it. Go ahead. Try it somemore.

You're just hitting the limit. Actually, you already did, several times at that. Idk why my tolerance level towards you is so damned bloody high. But it is. Shows how I really feel about you. Your tolerance level towards me is just drop dead low, isn't it?

Oh well. I can't say I'm bothered.

Like what * said, its now a sec3 vs. sec4 (some) thing. Oh well, see how small things can be blown big thanks to "secrets"?

And yeah, thanks to you two, I've no mood to eat. And I doubt I will be.

I should just bang a wall and die, now.

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