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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Good that the things between me and Ningxin are settled. :D

But I'm still not happy about one thing. Its like, I don't see why you think us sec3s are acting big. No point getting bueysong with me over it right? If you're gonna take me for granted, I can't say much. But just watch myself cry over it. Thanks Sera and Jiaqi for cheering me up.

I'm just hoping all this would be over soon. REAL soon.


Going to submit 2 or 3 of 4 photos I took today to my DeviantArt. Again, stuffed toy dogs. I made a Rubik's Cube Deviantart Stamp! :D so proud of it. Dedicated to sailors who love the Rubik's Cube. HAHAH.

Hmmmm! Happy that Mr Lim uploaded the powerpoints to the LMS thingy. My notes are coming back to me! But since tomorrow is CNY, I shan't be so hardworking when I'm already falling asleep.

Mr Lim, thanks for the offer. I doubt I got issues hahaha. ISSUES WITH YOUUUU! x] hahah. No la, kidding.

And its so cool to know someone with the same name as me (only she's Gwendoline, right? :D) and her birthday's on 9th April. :D first time! Hahah.

Sec3s still debating over the visiting Mrs Sidhu's place thing. We had a mass convo! ;D was damn fun cuz we were all typing so quickly we couldn't see what we say. And Ryan's online! Thanks to me laaaa. Hahah. :] tomorrow might go watch David they all jam instead of going back ATS.

Its like not many people going, so yeah. I doubt I wanna go. Rather go out with the sailors :D or go home to slack. Since its like, :HALFDAYHALFDAY!:
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