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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

World, Gwen. Gwen, World.

Exams are like this Friday, and I can admit I'm not near prepared.

I'm beginning to like Variations, which is, of course, a chapter under Math :] hahah.

Went crazy with Alicia today, cuz we didn't bring our ingredients to class to make our drink during Thinking Skills period for the "Thinking Day" thing Mayflower's gonna have, Mrs Toh told us to do it tomorrow during English period since we now use it for self-study.

And Cia came to my place today and we made like hell loads of PEACH SMOOTHIES! :D

Its nice la, but damn filling. Cuz there's like all the icecream and milk and stuffs? So yeah we got pretty full quite easily. Photos tomorrow maybe, maybe not. I think I'd wanna study. Too lazy to upload now.

And now I'll have to figure out how to bring a tub of icecream to school tomorrow. Hmm.

Watched the DVD for The Perfect Man that Joey lent me. And its nice, remembered that I watched it before.

Stuffs happened today. David got caught by Mr Prem and the SLs of 2I almost got suspended. Well, almost. I managed to get off with Afiqah and Zul cuz we reminded David to cut his hair. So we didn't get suspended.

Other stuffs happened. Like stuff that would make me say I don't wanna go to school tomorrow. That kinda feeling. Lets just say I'm feeling pretty left out in school sometimes, and there are unpleasant people around that make my life feel all suckish.

I got my throphy from the interhouse thing for Powerball tho. 1st :] haha yay Unicorn! :D but when I checked the throphy it was for 'B' Division, so I went to swap it for the 'C' Div one.

Why do I not have anything much to say today?
I kinda feel horrible, miserable, terrible.

Vegetable. Haha.

I really don't have this feeling that I wanna go to school tomorrow. Its such a terrible feeling. I feel damn horrid, cuz these few days I've been getting into moodswings I guess. And people around me have been in the typical vegetable kinda mood. Like they don't bother.

Please don't lead me on a misleading ride.
Oh baby, if only love was that simple.

Much love- xoxo.

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