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Friday, August 03, 2007

No mood.. no mood-

I have no mood to blog. No mood to sail.

I'm sorry Tzuling! I let you down again.
I don't really wanna blog about what happened.. Tzuling would freak out and I'm already in a state of depression.

I feel so guilty. Like, honestly. I feel so sorry..

MY XIN GAN BAO BEI!!! UGH! I'm wondering why the juniors seem to hate the seniors when out at sea. Like they have something against us. I've done nothing wrong to them!

I don't know how much I cried and emo-ed after the incident yesterday. When I went back to shore I just kept looking up.. then I cried somemore cos my heart was broken. D: my baby..

Aaron thinks I'm going mad cos I keep talking to my boat.

But it just kinda came to me naturally. Like, if I accidentally dirty the boat with my sandy gloves, I'd quickly brush off the sand and go "I'm sorry boat I'm sorry!!!" then I'll clean the boat again.

It really just comes to me naturally. And its like if the boat gets dirty I'd be hopping up and down screaming la. I loved NSC B14 so much already, so now my love has been directed to another boat :D

I hope the people using NSC's B14 is taking care of it tho.. even tho its an NSC boat it was like the first boat I used since sec1 :]

I have no mood to sail tomorrow cos of yesterday. And my cough is getting worse. Ugh.. really, whats wrong with me?

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