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Monday, August 13, 2007

To hell with exams..

Today was..


Ugh. Imma flunk the papers we had today D:

Which was English and Chinese. Dang. But I know I won't fail English, just score really lowwww or something for it. I feel depressed (emu kid side shows)..

While doing the paper I suddenly felt very dizzy. That was for English. Everytime I looked at the words more than 10seconds or so I'll go dizzy and my eyes would hurt. I was so pissed off la. Then I couldn't think properly. Damnnit. I hate days like that.


Like, "passive" and "passiv-ity"?

Gwen, how much more stupid could you actually get?

I kept thinking why does "passiv-ity" sound so familiar..? But I couldn't figure out. After the exams Chuxian they all were asking about that and most of them wrote negative thinking. I wrote cover up the fact. <- dumb answer.

Eileen's one was the cutest! :D

"Huh? Oh. That on ah? Uhhh I wrote "self-destruction"! :D"

*moment of silence*

HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! *everyone around her who heard that broke into laughter*

Damn cute can she! :D but its like "Self-destruction and self denial of-" like uhh. But cute answer Eileen! :]

Now cos of the common test arrangement, I'm sitting RIGHT at the back door again. Everytime its the same thing lor lol. I'm always at the back door. Quite paiseh cos so many people walk past all the time. D: but I got Joey beside me! ;] Now I can just stare out of the door again.. see.... hmmmm. Later liang lao shi thinks I'm daydreaming again, like today. o.o

Tomorrow's Lit and Math- I HATE YOU MATH I HATE YOU LIKE HELL GO AWAY!- and I've not even read up the poem for literature. I feel even more depressed now can. Gah.. D:

This time I must do better for literature. As for Math.. well, I kinda gave up on it. Even tho I know no Math = die in JC/Poly.

Art.. art.. Ms Gan I'm starting to hate you too. You're just sitting down there at the teacher's computer slacking for art lessons at the com lab. Then you've only taught us theory once, and suddenly 2 weeks before common test you dump a whole load of shit notes on us telling us all the answers to the test are in it and that we must memorise every word. Still want us to treat you a 5bucks meal if we fail.


I can't wait to switch over to visual art. Aaron told me Ms Yeo is damn nice. She seems fierce to me la, but if AARON actually says a TEACHER is nice, you'd better believe him. LOL.

After school went to com lab to study with the sailors. Didn't get to use the I&E Studio. Sad la I like studying there lol. The com lab 3/2 really no space on the table la. ZZZ.

Attempted to complete my art assignment, then Mrs Sidhu asked me to do Math. I was like "0.0 nyuuuuuuuuu no math nyuuuuu! D:" but still have to do la. Sigh.

Chapters on Mensuration, Graphs and Statistics. I wanna die okay. Why not simulateneous eqns? ): sadded.

Tomorrow there's gonna be sailing! :D happy. But I wanna study. Heh. Fancy me saying that. But honestly, how much studying can I actually do at home? NONE. Sigh..

I really wanna be able to mug hard enough to be confident for the EOYs. I need to exercise my self disipline man.

DAMNNIT. Pain.. pain... pain.

Over the woman who spoils everything you're telling me that?

Listening to teachers is always a good thing huh? Teachers can be wrong too sometimes.

But thats just my effing perspective.

That paper doesn't mean anything anyway. Hor?

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