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Friday, August 24, 2007

Bahhhhh. Just changed off the Breakdance Megamix. Super sian of hearing the laughter at the start. Replaced it with my dancesongs playlist.. zzz.

Oooh! Just realised Blogger put up a "Add Video" function. :D Imma upload a whole shitload full of videos on my blog now okay. Can sabo Joey Tannnn ;] zhaogeng'd laughter woman!

Uhh. School was uber boring. Dunno what to say la.

Almost didn't go to school due to some freggin' headaches I had this morning. Its still lasting. D: so went to school, during Math I took panadol....

..and spilt water on my graph paper cos while I was taking the panadol Carine and Chuxian kept looking at me and I almost laughed... heng I only did the table and haven't draw and plot the graph la.

Mr Gan was like "Garl you so slow. Why you slow? Huh?"

"I realise I give you homework, you not bother to go home and do the work. What for I give your class homework you tell me?"
"Class, stand up, now. Usually your class can be very clever, but I don know why today you all take long to settle down and quiet. Why today liddat huh you tell me?" (I remember this line cos I was wondering what was the link between "clever" and settling down and keeping quiet)

Woah. Great English Mr Gan! *sarcasm intended*

Oh ya Mr Gan, for the last time, I AM NOT A BAND MEMBER! Just cos I didn't do question4.. -_-


Dance was fun. Dude, dance was always quite fun. See "quite". Haha. Now the other showoff teacher like never teach us le, which makes class a whole load more fun cos the other teacher more patient :D

Finally over with the dance test la. ;] I think I did quite well, cos the other teacher gave me and a few others bonus marks during practice.

Was supposed to go buy Zach and Joseph's birthday present after school with Quin, Drey and Cheeteng. But end up Cheeteng had remedial and Drey was sick. So Quin and I went home la. Sian..

Tomorrow I HAVE to go for CIP. Double sian can. Don't like CIP cos we're not doing in the library. But oh well, cycling is fun :D Then maybe go arcading with Aaron. Oh ya must ask Cass! DRUMMANIA! ;]

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