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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why? Why is to so many things-

I'm feeling super tired lol. Pesta Sukan sucked, big time.

I bloody screwed up every race I went for. Heck, I didn't even sail as well as I do during training. What the hell is wrong with me? David practically owned me in every race today. He was like "GWENNN. What happened to you? In training you always own what.. why now during regatta you liddat?"

I agree. Bloody hell.

Feel so super demoralised by today's race.. blah. I should have just stayed in bed la.

When I went to check my position, I was like on third paper cos I DNC (Did Not Come/Commence(?)). Third paper only had like.. 5 or 6 names I think. Me and Justin were the only DNC people in the whole Byte fleet ranking I think lol. The last paper (which is the third) was filled with MF under the school thingy. Sad.

Then after racing, I came back and checked my rankings.. still the same. WTH. I was damn disappointed. Justin, on the other hand, shot up to like position 40+. I feel so suanned!

I don't know why. I tried so hard to keep the boat flat, I tried so hard to stay alert for windshift and stuff. Why didn't my boat move as fast? I didn't have such problems with NSC 14.

After I crossed the finishing line for the last race I just plopped down in my boat. Like once I passed the line I sailed down to Aaron and just released the mainsheet and parked my boat. He saw me and was like "Gwen you okay?".

No, wasn't. Headache and my stomach wasn't treating me well. Heh.

Then when I got back to shore, the guy helping me hold my boat almost capsized it cos he was holding it the other side, which he was not meant to. I was like o.o zomg! then run to my boat and slammed down the trolley on the sand.

When helping me to push the trolley up onto the trolley, he pushed it till the boat was too far in on the trolley. I told him "uhh, hold on hold on" but he didn't care and pushed the boat till it was literally on top of the handle thingo.

He didn't stop pushing it up till he noticed I was like looking at him in a "uhhh can you look at what you're doing?" look. LOL. Then he was like oh sorry.

I pulled up my boat to wash and was like squatting on the floor and leaning on the boat while waiting for Darren and I was like gonna sleep. Yep. Was like half dead le. Then the guys kept bullying me.

Darren kept disturbing me and annoying me!

Justin came over after I just reached the MOE washing point, asked me about my positions. And to annoy me, he drank water from his bottle and opened his mouth. So the water in his mouth just dropped on my boat. -_-

He even poured the dirty water from the half of the mast onto my boat when I JUST WASHED IT. I was screaming at him la. Cos after he spilled water from his mouth onto my boat, he came over with the half of his mast and I sprayed him with the hose.

Poor guy, he looked dry, then after I sprayed the water on him he looked drenched. Then the second time he came over with the other half of his mast I sprayed him again. Then his hair was totally wet. As long as I was washing my boat and he walked past, I would just use the hose and spray him lol.

Again, I was one of the last few to finish unrigging. Like hurhur no surprise. Put up me and Aaron's boat on the rack and then we zhao-ed.

While I was bathing me, Quin and Isabelle were going mad cos we were like beside each other in our cubicles. They kept saying "codename Chucky" for someone. LOL. I know who la duh. Make it so obvious.

While waiting for the bus I almost slept. Watching the guys play teiti (Iggy was all "I wanna see how I can win them without using my TEITI!") and I just put my head on my knees and almost slept till I got a message.

I feel so tired. On the bus Darren was getting revenge on me for supposedly wetting his sail while spraying water at Justin, so I couldn't catch some zzz.

Zach was going around asking if we wanted to chip in for Mrs Sidhu's cake :D Apparently Lianghong went to buy the cake le. We were gonna surprise Mrs Sidhu with the cake back in school.

We got to school and after I returned my lifejacket I saw two people jumping around near the canteen area - Lianghong and Shiyan! They bought the cake le :D nice lor.

Mrs Sidhu saw Zach lighting up the candles and we started singing happy birthday.

We were like having some ceremony or whatever cos we walked slowly from the foyer to the canteen o.o like some passage to a new life.

Took photos, cut cake, had lots to laugh about as Farhana tried desperately to push Mrs Sidhu's face into the cake as she used her mouth to bite out this candle that they pushed in the cake xD

Justin and Wenfeng like anti-social lor! D:
Sit there and play PSP. Hmph.

Ningxin's dad sent me home today. Haha.

Got home and watched TV and there was something weird about the screen, like the shows that were played were too zoomed in. So I turned it off and used the com :D

I'm sorry I'm like that. I really am. Its not like whenever you're mad I'm happy. I really feel guilty and bad whenever you get mad at me. Thanks for today tho :D but really, sorry for not thinking of that. I didn't purposely not think about it. I don't wanna quarrell with you anymore. It hurts and it sucks to see us mad at each other.

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