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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I finally got rid of the ol' jukebox thingo and replaced it with the imeem song thing. The song is Breakdance Megamix. I'm gonna put up a playlist soon. Right now I'm just lazy to change it. And I changed the video. Right below. :]

Today I'm sick D: didn't go to school.

And I-

Rargh. I wanna see it so badly. Heard from Aaron (in order of the names read out) I was 2nd in class. But I got 20/25, so I tied with like 6 other people. Highest was 22, Tiffany.

I'm gonna fight for at least 3 marks. They haven't gone thru the corrections yet so I've got a chance to fight next week! :D

I'm like, finally! AN A1! I knew it, I would score well for lit. I'm happy la! Haha. When Kerrie told me my lit results I jumped around like mad. Like I was suddenly well again, heh.


Shanai even told Ms Goh read out one of my answers, saying it was good. Ahhhhh! I'm like freaking happy right now!

Hope to get back English paper soon. I hope I do well for it too. So excited to know my results la. Hope I can maintain my topping of the class for the comprehension.

Tomorrow there's sailing. WHEEEE. My SIN412 is finally back with me.

Oh yeah, during one of the training races I got 4th :] after so long of like, getting last few la. On the first upwind I was actually first, till I slowed down and Cheeteng tacked up. His side got like more wind la. Then I got 2nd.

While rounding the buoy I hit it and Wenfeng made me do my penalty. Then I dropped to 3rd. BAH! WENFENG I HATE YOU LA. Grr.

Then I was 2nd again, till the last downwind, Wenfeng and Nic go and purposely sandwich me la! D: RARGH!!!! Then they keep like banging into my boat to block my wind la. Then they both got faster and infront of me while I became 4th T_T

And on the last reach, Quin almost caught up with me. Wth is wrong with my reaches man. I keep slowing down on reach and I dont know why la. D:

Oh well. Everyone was like "Gwen you tyco la! Suddenly so fast!" haha.

Thats cos I got a super good start while all of you guys were stuck at the buoy ;]

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