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Monday, August 20, 2007


Oh God. I think I'm having a fever now. Ugh.

Thanks for your concern :] I'm really sorry for being so sarcastic.. I will try to sleep earlier :D

Its like so cold now la. I even have to turn off the fan. I'm having a headache too now and I don't know why I'm suddenly like that.

Maybe cos today I played the powerball for interhouse today in the rain.. but it was just a light drizzle...

Oh ya! I must talk about the powerball match.


I'm so happy la. Team B won 1st! :D All of us were like high-fiving each other on a good game after the match. Next time powerball must play with the same people again lor! :]

Kangwei, Edwin (Poh), Zhien, Jacelyn.. plus me. Plus Rachel and Wenfeng la but that time they reserves.

Unicorn was the only house with 2 teams! :D gogo Unicorn!

Super fun. The first round we were against Pegasus and we had a tie of 3-3. Then Edwin or Kangwei threw me the ball and I scored the tie-breaker point :D happy! Haha.

2nd round was against Phoenix, and 3rd round against Unicorn team A. Last round against Pegasus again. Haha.

Ugghhhh. I'm too tired to carry on typing la.

I need to rest more.. wah. But I can't sleep yet till I get a reply yeah. Sigh.

Finally for art we swapped over to be under Ms Yeo! I'm gonna love art. Cos I can mostly score in visual art la.. haha.

Stupid Math results. MR GAN I HATE YOU TO THE CORE and I'm making this public. Grr! You still scold my class and held us back from recess for 15mins and still tell us hurry pack our things and leave the class once he 'release' us and leave.

I WANT MRS RAM BACK! Shanai why you saw Mrs Ram and we all didn't?! D:

Then he last one to leave the class and he left the lights and fans on. Heard from Daniel cos when we came back everything was on. Wth la.

You're all thats on my mind now-

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