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Friday, August 24, 2007

No more EMU.

Rargh. Ate a cold lunch today again. Left it outside cos I had no appetite to eat. Haisssss. I really dont know what to do le.

I feel so guilty. As if I'm trapping you. I'm such a shitass person la.

Oh yeah. Wanted to blog about lessons, again. Dunno why. I just blogged about it but I wanna blog again.

Supra didn't come today for Science! So went canteen. Had to do the theory workbook, chapter 6. Afiqah was like, BUSY GOING SICK.

Cos had to label parts, then she went all sick la, talking about the parts. Interesting hor Afiqah! HAHA.

My dear Alicia went all sick too.

I have a clean mind, trust me.

For DnT finally finished up the mould thing by pouring in the polyester reisin, or whatever. I did a colourless one :D SPECIAL OKAY. Everyone else in class did coloured ones.

Then I forgot to put in the hardener before pouring it into the mould. I was like "Oh God. JOEY! I forgot the hardener.. -_-" then Shanai quickly help me put. Damn funny la she was like slowly drop it in.. "1.. 2... 3, 4.. 5... 6.. oh that was two drops ah? Okay 7.." until 30. Hahaha!

THE SOLUTION THINGY WHY LIKE NO BUBBLES DE?! If no bubbles my final project thing will look like shit you know. D:

Saw some people's projects. Like Bernice's (she put 10cent coin inside la!) and Joshua Gay's. All quite nice. Got one damn nice star la. :D

MAQRIUS! Must hurry move on to bboying. Dude I wanna stop doing my 6-steps only la. Super sian. I WANNA LEARN HOW TO FLARE AND DO AIR BABY! Whoooo!

Ugh. My headache was better till just now. Thought a lot about stuffs and it got worse. Finally broke down for a short while just now. I can't stand myself anymore. I don't know why I'm like that, ALWAYS.

chi qing de ren.. always like that.

Drey, I know you're right. You're totally right, from the start. I don't know why but I just won't let go. Oh fuck myself for that.

I feel like some selfish bitch.

I don't even think you remember what's on?

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