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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy birthday(s)!

Haha saw this at Tzuling's blog and decided to do it for fun xD


Ugh. Today was like totally sian. Started off the day like real badly.

Supposed to go out to celebrate Justin's birthday. End up didn't. Sian. Sorry.

Spent the whole afternoon playing Granado Espada. I made a new friend there. Raymund! :D he's like super nice to me. He let me join his SG Faction and helped me buy loads of armour till like lvl 40+ armour for my characters! ;] he's from SG too. So I joined his squad and we fought together till 5+. I WENT AS DEEP AS AL QUELT MONZARE (or monzera or whatever)! Never been there before. Spooky but leveled quite quickly cos of the level.

Got ready and went to xiao gu ma's place for dinner/Dione's farewell party. She's going to New York to study soon as she got a scholarship to a university there D: will miss you!

Surprisingly before everyone wanted to leave, we started singing happy birthday!


I was like huh? Then ge-m told me that it was Johnathan's birthday tomorrow. Like zomg same birthday as Justin. Haha. I was like quite shocked. Too bad Johnathan's one year older if not they born same day LOL. Irony much-

Supposed to go Celine's place for housewarming, but end up didn't go. Heh. Sorry Celine! D: my mom told me she was really hoping I could go. Let Celine down again. Sorry m'dear! :D

-Happy 15th and 16th! ;]

Woah I feel like I'm saying happy birthday to TWINS sia. Both 'J's. Uhhhh-

Baby you're loved -

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