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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hello! This day was boring!-

My eyes feel seriously irritated. And I don't think one of my eyelashes dropped onto my eye la. It feels dry from my rubbing it D:

I'm like now half dead. Almost gonna sleep on this computer table itself.

Btw I'm at my uber rich uncle's place again. The furniture this time is much more organised and neat. This place would be 100% awesome if it wasn't for the stupid mosquitos in the night. UGH! I'm now itching all over cos I keep thinking about the mosquitos..

Today was boring. Really boring.

Woke up at about 8AM instead of my planned 9.45AM to prepare my sailing stuff for Pesta Sukan. I was like, wake up.. groggily walk around.. got my handphone and plopped back onto the mattress. I smsed Quin and confirmed the time to meet at school.

Then I was like so awake, except for the drumbeats in my head (a.k.a. a headache) and the suan-ness in my left leg. With one bigass bruise there. Quin replied my sms and told me she was too tired and she felt sick too so both of us didn't go.

Tomorrow I'm not going for tuition since I missed Pesta Sukan today. :D and D: cos I wanna buck up on my Math. Ugh. I still hate Mr Gan....

Today before going to my uncle's place I went to Thomson Community Center to fetch my bro from badminton training. Then I called Justin and told him that I was at Thomson CC there. While my dad went to Shunfu Mart to buy chicken rice I just joked around with Justin.

Then my dad, flustered, walked back and told me there don't have chicken rice le. So he walked to another side infront of the CC to buy chicken rice for my bro. I was like laughing and laughing when my dad walked back.

While waiting for my dad Justin told me he was going to Thomson CC's cafe (oooh I went there when I was like pri4 to buy snacks while playing badminton with my mom's collegues) with his parents to have dinner. Then he told me to hide myself incase his parents thought I was his GF. I was like HAHAHHAA.

We were still talking on the phone when he told me he was walking down the staircase and walking towards Thomson CC liao.

And my dad parked his car right at this little pathway that led to Thomson CC. So I would surely see Justin.

Thennnnn! Justin thought he saw me but too bad the only thing blue on me are my jeans! :D

Thennnnnnnnnnnn! I saw someone damn familiar walking towards that overhead sign saying something like "Welcome to Shunfu" or some crap. With two people beside him. Then I realised it was Justin. LOL. I wanted to shout his name la.

He's damn blind, I was leaning against my dad's car and he couldn't see me. I guess I camouflaged with the car. xD but he told me repeatedly "Don't shout my name please don't! Go hide yourself la don't shout my name and embarass me! Pleaseeee la." so as the nice person I was, I didn't shout his name. :D He was using earphones to talk to me on the phone so he kept reaching for the earphones when he wanted to say something. I told him turn around you will see me lor! But he turned his head behind - to his LEFT. I was behind - on his RIGHT. LOL.

Then just nicely after a while when Justin walked down my dad walked up the pathway with the chickeeeen rice. So me and my bro got into the car and we were on our way to my uncle's place! :D

As usual.. the big house was like "woahhhhh!" when I see it. But this time it wasn't much of a woahhhh to me. More like a woah.. my dad decided to wash his car using my uncle's garden hose! So I stood there watching the twins and my bro laughing as my bro sprayed my dad's car with the hose.

I'll post pics when I upload them like.. tomorrow? :]

I decided to try and the bottom of my jeans got wet LOL. Hmph! ;]

Ate ham and bread! The ham was super thick can. LOL. I ate at the so-called balcony of the first floor. The wind was gooood. I wonder how the people at Pesta Sukan were doing? :D

Ate dinner and such.. then played with Neo Jia Wennnnn! My lovelovelove! :D
At first cos I hardly play with her she was quite cold. At the age of 1+ she could already speak a lot of words and speak some Chinese! :D

She could sing more songs instead of the usual Twinkle twinkle little star and whatever. I'll upload the video someday soon okay.

The 'lil girl's laugh is so sweet! Her smile is like damn cute too la. I think Jiawen will grow up to be some pretty girl or something ;] her older two twin sisters are already pretty at age 6 lor!

Garian and family came like shortly after dinner. Aunty Belinda bought ice cream from Serene Center, the famous icecream shop that was featured on a show or two.

One small tub was like 10bucks but its like a lot more than Ben&Jerry's.

Aunty Belinda bought ReversO and Coffee I think. Yum. ReversO was like damn nice la. Got chunks of chocolate and such in it. YUMMMM. Damn nice dame nice! :D

Oh God I'm so super sleepy now can... zzz.

I wanna go home to sleep and prepare myself for Pesta Sukan tomorrow. My parents had better hurry up with the mahjong game ugh! They're like becoming mahjong addicts la. My relatives should stop organising the so-called every week meetup la. UGH.

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