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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

BAD headache. BADDD-

I really hated this day.

For one, I DIDN'T SAIL. Like surprise surprise! Lol. I had a stupid freaking headache today, which was not so painful in the morning.

After Science periods it just got worst and cos in the hall there was this Indian dance thingo and the music was super loud and had some bell-like beat sounds, the headache just kept pounding in my head.

Like everytime the person shook that tambourine or whatever, the sound would seem to have an effect in my head and my head would throb and stuff. Eek.

In the hall I tried to sleep cos my headache hurt a lot, but Mr Ho caught me and got Peckkhee to wake me up, which I wasn't sleeping yet btw.

In the canteen, I was hungry but not hungry enough to eat a full meal. So I just sat beside David with the other sailors in the canteen and tried to catch 15mins of zzz. Not working. I went to buy lemon tea and some crackers before boarding the bus and Mrs Sidhu saw me.

She was like "You look half dead! o.o" I blurred-ly leaned against the wall and was like "I think I AM half dead Mrs Sidhu. Haha." then she wanted me to drink more water.

I felt like I was gonna die. Hurt like some shit. At the foyer while waiting for the bus I sat at a corner as Audrey and Isabelle stood around me chatting and I chatted with them :D the wall was a bit dirty so I didn't wanna completely lean against it.

On the bus I chatted with the guys along with Quin for a while, then caught a bit of snooze.. eyes closed but I was aware of what was going on. But I felt... asleep o.o someone from the front of the bus kept playing the mosquito sound and I got so annoyed cos I was already having a headache I just shouted "SHUT UP LA! STOP IT CAN?!" while my eyes were closed. Maybe some people thought I was sleep-talking ;]

When we got to the saiing center I woke up to realise the people around me within my sight were asleep. Quin, David.. etc.

I slept for a few more mins and we turned in so I woke up. While walking down the bus I felt quite weak, then walking to the girls toilet I was like looking on the floor, just incase I fell. When I put down my stuff inside the girls' toilet I came out and Mrs Sidhu asked if I could sail annot.

Of course I said yes la duh! I wanted to sail loads. But I felt super weak and tired. She was like "sure annot?" then go inside. I was literally holding on to the wall as I walked past the guys' toilet and the lockers to go MOE side and rig up.

End up I decided not to sail as I was so tired, so I went to tell Mr Lee, and he was like "What kind of headache? A headache that comes and goes just as you need to sail??" then I was like "Noooo! I wanna sail okay, but I feel too tired.. incase something happens out there la." then he found out I was having flu and he knew why I got the headache.

I helped Peckkhee and David to rig up, helped Justin take his rudder and daggerboard. Weiming called me Madeline cos of the TV show yesterday at 9. There was this girl who asked this guy to call her "Gwendolyn". The guy couldn't pronounce her name and called her "Madeline" instead.

So Weiming's calling me that now. Grr.

And cos I keep responding he thinks I'm admitting I'm Madeline. Ugh!

I sat at the step and leaned against the gate before Aunty Yvonne gathered us for briefing. Peckkhee changed, I helped her pull out her boat and watched them sail out. Ahhh I miss sailing! ):

I stayed on land with Iggy Thiam Thiammmm (:D) and Jack. So yep.. Iggy was studying Science, and I wanted to study Science so we studied together as Jack slacked. Oooh it rhymes! ;D <- learned from Thiam Thiam! :D

I'm surprised what we had in common for the day. Like, how much more we got to know each other since the day he DSA-ed over to MFSS using sailing. We talked a lot and it was as if I was as close a friend to him like I was to the sec2 guys. LOL.

We both had Science textbooks on the table, both studying the same chapter (please, chapter 9NINE and not 6/7 okay!) and we both bought EXERCISE BOOKS from school - only to open both and realise both exercise books were empty. LAWL. So we decided that we must quickly do notes. Haha.

Wenfeng and Ryan sailed back, but as soon as they were about to reach shore, they put back their daggerboards and rudders and then tacked back out to sail.

Then Justin came back (he was using David's sail - INA126 ;D) and Audrey, Justin Ong and Edward came back. After Justin pulled his boat up to near the ramp thingy, he went back to talk to the optimists and suddenly he was sailing Optimist411 back out to sea with Edward.

I ran out to watch them sail off lol. Then I asked Audrey what happened, then she said the wind picked up so they went back out to sail LOL. Justin Ong tried to collect water with his booties and splash it at me! D:

When they came back they came back with the team, so its like all of them came back le. So I went to help them unrig.

It was DANGEROUS okay. All of them were wet, so were their boats. I was in school uniform! Cannot get wet okay! LOL. Then a few of them like Justin and Wenfeng tried to get me wet. Both tried to get me wet by emptying the water in their masts on my legs! D: hahaha. But quite funny.

Then Justin asked Peckkhee to spray him with the hose, and he was standing like infront/beside me. I was like "huh?? *looks at Peckkhee* OH SHIT!" and I kept darting left and right as Peckkhee told me to siam while she tried to spray him. I didn't get wet la thank goodness if not I kill Justin ;]

Went to bathe and talked a lot with the girls while bathing la. Damn noisy lol. There was like only 6 of us. Sad la.. suddenly so little girls le ):

On the way home the guys at the back (Justin, Cheeteng, Mubarak, Weiming) started to sing again! But this time not as loudly as the first time. Still quite funny tho. Me and Quin just kept singing along too LOL. Influential! ;D

I didn't sail today but at 10plus I already started feeling tired D: I dont know why. And I was talking to Iggy on MSN lol. Stupid suanner! ;]

Together, doesn't feel grand at all.
Togather, together we build our wall.
Together, holding hands with fall.
Hands with fall.

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