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Friday, August 10, 2007

Sailors- total loves!

Imma go broke already! ;]

Today went to watch RUSH HOUR 3 with some of the sailors. I think me, Quin, Siungee, Lianghong, Justin, David, Weiming.

We went arcading before that lol. Justin almost didn't wanna come la haha. He didn't get his PSP today cos not many people came today D: poor guy. Cheer up about it la! ;]

Both of us wore all blue today la. We were the only ones wearing blue and only ones wearing jeans lol. And only white Adidas sneakers! Blue-yyyy! ;)

Lianghong and Weiming made me waste like 2 bucks over DRUMMANIA la! WASTE MY GAME. I forgot auto-pedal for one stage, David anyohow choose Torocatta (forgot the title) and I stage fail cos the song I never play before, Lianghong also anyohow choose song when I told him not to touch the machine, Weiming anyohow help me hit the drumpads till I kept missing lol!

After arcading Justin went home, until we realised the movie started in a while and CHEETENG STILL WASNT HERE! Then Lianghong called him and he said he was still at Donald's house la omg! Then I quickly called Justin and asked him to come back lol. Heng sia he was just about to board a bus la! :D

The movie was totally funny! :D I kept laughing (and coughing) throughout the movie. I bet the two people sitting beside me were suffering. Sorry Quin and Justin! LOL.

I got cold damn easily in the cinema la! D: Sad la. Its like among all of us only I took out a jacket to cover my arms while the movie was showing. Was like at the last fighting part then I took out jacket le lol.

After the movie Justin went home cos he had to eat dinner with his mom as it was her birthday, then Siungee also had to go home for dinner. So Quin, David, Lianghong, Weiming and me ate dinner at the foodcourt.

All bought Japanese foods! ;] loveee-

Quin ate super slow. Gahhh you, you super slow eater! :D haha. Then David didn't finish his food and kept sniffing liddat. His nose was super red. He said the Tempura was lousy lol! Sad la I almost tried that.

Then he got all sick and started sneezing and walking sideways like he was gonna collaspe soon. Omg la! I was so scared sia. Kept walking around and waiting for him. Then we went home by taxi. Only Weiming took uhh bus/taxi from across the road. We pangseh-ed him! D: sad!!

Dropped off with Lianghong at AMK Central there. He stays so near to Celine la! Only one block infront lol. So we talked and walked lol.

I want another day like this, where we can all watch movie together ;]

Uber fun-ness! :D

The sailors are total loves man! :P

-You're the center of my attention.

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