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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bored for the 1millionth time-

Agian, at my uncle's place. Bahhh. I'm getting super sleepy and tired le la.

I've been listening to music like 5hours straight la. Its a wonder why my left ear hasn't spoilt yet. Heh!

I've concluded what you can never catch me out of the house without:
  • Watch
  • Black rubberband (to tie hair in school but outside its a bracelet lol)
  • Handphone
  • Earpiece
  • Wallet
  • Converse sling bag (for going out)

Wahaha. This is what someone does when she's superb-ly bored. :D

Tomorrow I've got tuition again. Sian. MATHMATHMATHHHH.


This afternoon went to meet Alicia, Kerrie and Eileen at the old Pierce Sec bus stop to go to Queensway. AGAIN, I was late. Sorry loves! D: Was about an hour late. Sian. I don't know why I will always be late la. Gotta change! *determinded look*

We went to eat laksa at the Queensway building instead of Macs. Should have not eaten the laksa la super waste of monehhhh $$$ T_T 3bucks for one super small bowl. Wasted! Last time it was more can.

Walked around and saw this really small printing shop. This guy was busy printing tees inside. Then this other guy walked in. Nice la his hair. I liked it. His fringe he go like highlight green streaks.

His name's Weijie. :D friendly dude okay. I won't mind working with Weijie and the other guy la they seem quite fun to work with.

The shop didn't have much nice Adidas shirts so we went to the other shop which Weijie knew the owner and we got 4 of the same Adidas jerseys from there. I'm wearing it right now.

Even tho its like white I like it la. Heck care how transparent it is la haha. Its white, black and red. Super nice.

Alicia picked out this jersey and I realised its the one I chose for Justin for his birthday present. But Kerrie and Eileen (the two guniangs of us ;]) thought it was damn boy and wanted something more niang.

So we got the white one. Spent a super long time choosing the font for the name and number.

My shirt's GWEN 08.
Alicia's ALICIA 07
Kerrie's KERRIE 15
Eileen's EILEEN 16

So our numbers are like 07, 08, 15, 16. And we didnt chose those numbers on purpose la. After printing and when we were walking to the bus stop then we realised the numbers were quite nice.

Alicia and Eileen got the same font for their numbers while me and Kerrie got the Nike font for our jerseys.

After that went with Kerrie to J8 to walk around cos she needed to get something for her mom. Got the present and decided to walk around. While deciding what ice cream I wanted from Macs we saw Sylvia and Debbie.

Sylvia said we looked like we were going for a football match! Haha. Same jerseys mah.

Walked around then my dad went to fetch me from there. He didnt tell me he was going to fetch my bro first la. Tell me hurry across the overhead bridge then I waited so long for him. Then he told me he go fetch my bro from Thomson CC first. D:

Reached my uncle's house around 6 plus. My earpiece was still playing music then la. Now at 12:15AM it still is ;] nonstop.

Saw the fireworks from here. Stupid two buildings la so tall then block all the lower fireworks. It was super pretty la the ending. :D

JIAWEN IS MY LOVEEEEE! :D uber cutenessssss. Rahahaha, can't get enough of her. ;]

I wanna go home now. But my parents are still playing mahjong. Rargh, lousy la D:

Gwen, reflect. Reflect already-

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