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Monday, August 06, 2007


Last chance for one last dance-

I am so @%$^&*# pissed off. Who is she to say such stuff about my family?

Okay she's my aunt. So yeah who cares?


Like, yeah! Thats hell nice of her.

After hearing what my aunt complained to my other aunts/uncles about from my dad (my mom is busy ranting off to one of my aunts right now about how she feels about this), I was like damn angry.

I still am now. How could she say that?

I love my grandma like hell loads and I would never let her come to harm. We make efforts to go to her house to dinner since she's alone with her maid and confirm she's lonely.

Why does my aunt still say we're not looking after my grandma?!

I have always respected my aunt as she always talks to me and my cousins in such an inspiring way that makes us wanna strive even harder for our goals.

But this is just INSULTING.

She doesn't go to my gran's house for dinner on weekdays and she says such stuff. I feel so insulted and pissed off la!!!

Worse still, its my parents that she's refering to about not doing a good job of looking after my gran. Wth la, if she has something to say about this she should discuss it with my parents instead of complaining to my 2nd uncle right?

No wonder my mom talked on the phone until so pek chek. She was talking to another one of my aunts I think. I could hear exactly what my mom was saying from the living room even tho the TV was on.

I feel like crying and screaming now luh. Its like, us? Not taking care of my gran? YEAH RIGHT.

Like hiring a maid and giving my gran money for stuff would actually be really considered 'looking after'. SO COLD CAN. Yes she does look after my gran, but she only visits my gran like once a week!


I'm gonna talk to my mom and dad to see what happened. Now my dad is talking to my mom to get her to cool down and take this as a small matter.

Why do families always have such problems?

At least they're not thinking looking after my gran was a bothersome thing. If not I kidnap my gran and bring her to my house to stay forever.

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