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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dislocated shoulders-

Maybe its a good thing you know about my blog ei? ;] I feel more open when I talk to you la, and I feel that you feel the same way towards me.

So, hoho! :]

RARGH. Stupid dance. Maqrius I wanna kill you already can. Haha. My shoulders feel damned dislocated. Ughhh. Super pain can. Scarly Tuesday I again cannot sail I cry sia.

Which reminds me to go check on my baobei if its okay at the repair thing annot. I can't sail properly without it can. Super shiats.

But now seriously my shoulder feels damn suan/pain/dislocated. Harlem shakejkfbgsedkbg la. Seesh. Very pain. Came home and sat down, I was like "oww. Damnnit!" I feel uber tired too.

Like I can fall asleep any minute (omg I don't know how to spell min in full. Damnnit)! I want to study after dinner okay. Damn.

Thanks to someone la. Keep telling me to do something about my results ;D

I WAS LATE AGAIN for danceeee. Haha. Maqrius was again super sarcastic to me can. I was like run there, so many people along OG there and whatever the place was, then when I rushed inside class and opened the door he was like "*comes shake hands with me* HELLO GWENNN! Nice of you to join us! *super sarcastic smile*"

I really must force myself to be on time now la. Shiats.

After dance went straight home with Pam. We didn't go walk around cos we were both super tired already. So we went back together with her sis, mom and aunt. Heh.

Omg its gonna rain. AGAIN?!

It was like today when I was walking home I could feel water on my hand. Realised it was drizzling -_- haha. So I purposely walked slower. It was nice to walk in the light drizzle la. Its so light I know I won't fall sick. But I feel sick the past few days le la. Zomg I can't fall sick! D:

Okay I already am can.

My parents and bro came home super early from badminton. Then they say cos Aunty Jill they all having some celebration over at their house. Must be some company thing again la haha. So they came home early today lo. o.o

You'd better be able to wear L okay. I hope its not too big. *bang wall*

You know, if I didn't have a mindset that the shirt is for him, I would totally use it for myself xD haha. If I liked white shirts myself I would have gotten the white one la D: it was nice can.

I want that freakishly expensive black, orange and white one. Super nice. RAHHHH. Too bad my mom won't get me Adidas jerseys. D: sadded!

KERRIEEEEE! Hurry and check the prices on the jerseys okay. I want one super badly now la LOL :]

I keep listening to the songs "Coming For You" and "The Way You Do Me" by JoJo. Addictive songs. Blehhs!


Quin, you REALLY have to save me from becoming some type-in-act-cute-way, twit-sounding beyotchhhh! :D and to whoever wanderer is, beyotch is a good word to use ;]

Raining already. Sigh.. too bad that stupid concert thing is still on downstairs. FREGGIN' NOISY CAN. Rah! Not like they sing damn nicely like that man. (haha oh shit I sound so mean ;P) Its raining REALLY heavily.

I wish I were downstairs standing in the rain now. It's gonna be nice :D

You mean everything to me. &&LOVES-

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