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Wednesday, August 15, 2007



The Geog and Science paper today was not too bad! ;] GEOG WAS EASY OKAY. Really, it was like hell easy. I actually found Science quite easy too.. o.o maybe cos for electricity I paid attention in class :P

I just hope my results for these two papers would come by as easily as I said the paper was. :D

I finished Geog in like 35mins. The paper was done by 8.30 okay. Super easy! :D Science I didn't do a few questions, but so far I think I only lost about 5 marks. Not too bad for someone who failed Science la ;]

Lessons were boring.

LITLITLIT! Ms Goh let us do our own revision, but I didn't have my DnT textbook nor Art notes so I was like, stone with Shanai.

Ms Goh kept threatening to send my class for detention la, cos of the boys, AGAIN.

I spent the 1 period (Ms Goh wasted one period shouting and scolding us and telling us to read out loud this poem for EOYs or something) talking to Shanai, who changed places with Eileen.

Joey and Chuxian sat on the floor at Carine's place la. They were like talktalktalk and Ms Goh didn't realise they were actually sitting on the floor till she thought Carine and Eileen were making a lot of noise, then when she went over to check she found Joey and Chuxian on the floor xD

I was like, throwing my pencilcase in the air (one time I didn't catch it properly and it landed dead center on my forehead. Ouch).. stare at the Science notes I had.... then Shanai sent me the AiTong graduation song that Lin lao shi made our class sing over and over again in 6E! :D

Shanai told me to listen, then I kept laughing. The song brought back many memories. Can hear Derrick's voice in the background, purposely zhao-xia-ing at the high pitched parts. Super funny la!

I miss all you 6E'05 dudes! D:

Sadly, not all of them go back to ATS to visit. Only us faithful bunch xD Derrick Koh Jia Ming (omg I can still remember that extra kia's full name) you slacker!

Both me and Shanai wanna see how Derrick looks like now. Celine's like "Still the same bastard la Gwen." Shanai wants to see Junxian spike his hair! o.o

The whole lesson I sit at my place with my bag on my table like some super siao chor-lor zha bor :P haha. I'm wearing FBTs! Cannot anyohow sit one okay.

Math... slept again la. Mr Gan was teaching nonsense. Uber shiats. He doesn't KNOW how to teach.

Then he anyohow scold people la! Like Yayun. Poor person, talking to Eleanore and Bernice about Math then Mr Gan don't believe her la.

"Garl, you tell me you liked people treat you liddis?"
"No- noo. You dun tell lie to people garl."
"No you dun tells lie with others garl. I dun believe you garl."

I'm not going all twit and all. But I'm typing the words as how he pronounced it.

Seriously. Girl sounded like garl. Seesh. Brush up your English a bit more Mr Gan.. half the class don't even understand what you're teaching you know..

In class Shanai (during lit she changed with Eileen to sit infront of me and during Math she changed with Joey to sit beside me) asked me how many periods of Math there was and how much longer and what other subjects we had later.

I told her today only 1 period, gonna end soon, about 20mins. Then next was two periods of CME.

I thought of CME and what Quin told me about the sec2s having sexual education the day I was absent. Apparently all the CME lessons I attend now are nowhere near that. "Loving yourself" and "Suggestions on how to improve the school" (today's) are nowhere near right. xD

In the middle of Math I went a bit sick in the mind (for fun only okay). So I was like "Wah, LATER GOT THE SEXUAL EDUCATION SIA." loudly enough for the front row people (but not Mr Gan) to hear.

Atiqah heard (she's in the front row) and she was like "0.0 WHAT?!" in a omg-gwen-I-can't-believe-you're-that-sick way. :P Mr Gan already noticed her so he scolded her and told her to go attempt the graph question he had on the computer.


Even PRIYA reacted to what I said. She was like "ohh then they'd be teaching us all about ahems yeah." or something similar. While she was saying that her eyebrows went up and down! OMG so she's THAT sick too. xD Haha.

Then I felt a bit sleepy, so I slept for like less than 5mins and Math was over. Yawn. Super boring.

When we stood up I noticed Carine stained her skirt. Damn alot. So I was like "Carine! Pssst! Look, below. Skirt..?" then she realised, went OMG! and we were all accompanying her to the toilet. Like me, Joey, Chuxian, Shanai, Eileen. Then Cass, Atiqah and Afiqah came in too.

9 of us in the toilet helping Carine la haha.

Went to the other girl's toilet at Science block to use the dry Carine's skirt. We spent like a hell long time in the toilet la. Cass was afraid Mrs Supra was thinking we pon the CME lesson.

Atiqah, Afiqah and Chuxian already went back to class to tell her about Carine's skirt la so should be okay.

When we got back to class Mrs Supra was like "Why need so many of you? You must have had a lot of skirts to wash huh girls?" Like uhh. I dunno wth Carine and Joey told Mrs Supra to have her say that okay o.o

Its like there are GUYS in the class.

And our class not as open as 2D, where dunno who (heard it was Amos) stuck Chuwen's pad (from her bag and unused duh) on his fullscap paper, used a red marker and wrote on it "I LOVE PADS!" and went around showing the class that.

Mrs Supra should know we're not so open bah? D: Then she go say about Carine's washing of skirt until so obvious can.

After 1 period of CME we went to the canteen cos Supra had to go for some oral thing. Canteen was like super boring la.. watch the school staff eat and we talk only xD

After school we went to Joey's house! :D to practice dance before the test on Friday. I totally forgot the wushu steps already la can. Blahhhhh-

Stayed there till 4 plus. Walao its like we went super hyper there can.

Super shuang can your camera.

My camera in my phone is just as good but when it comes to taking videos its like shiats. D:

I didn't board 265 with Shanai and Eileen and just nicely Joey's mom was gonna fetch Joey's bro, so she fetched me home too! ;] haha. Joey pei me there. Carine didn't wanna hitch a ride la ): hahas.

And my bro's got a friend over again la. Omg I hate it. Now I know how he (might) feels when I have friends over. And his friend is like super noisy with my bro la. Can hear them knocking down the chairs and stuffs outside. Wahpiang! D:

-Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou loads ;] missed you; You really looked nice in it :] wear it more often ;]

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