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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stupid catfights, stupid JUNHAO-

Woah. Stupid. Damn warm. And it just rained la o.o

Stupid beyotch. I'm so gonna hate you for _______ __ ______! I'm not much into bitching about others around here but you're just some bitch okay.

Jing you're a bloody chicken neh la you. I wanna slap you can.
But forget it, I'm a nice and gentle girl. I'll just get back at you using some other methods. Btw, stop saying hi to my cousin for no reason you fucking hyprocrite.

At xiao gu ma's house me and Melody sat at the piano chair like the whole time we were there after dinner, just talking crap. Then I suddenly mentioned something I totally didn't know, which she thought I knew. Then she told me what happened. BLOODY JINGXIANG.

Just forget about him. He's not fucking worth your time. Seriously. Okay?

I'm now at Celine's house, again. Hah. Its like since yesterday I didn't go to her house, might as well come today. I love her sofa. Dang it! (haha Igg I know you dont like people who use dang, but whatever)

OMG oh ya must blog about tuition. Damn funny.

Stupid Junhaoooo! After being 2 years of classmates and 1month of tuition classmates I now then realised you're just as childish as before ;] haha.

Its like today in class, instead of that freaking clique (th ones who tried to throw a balloon full of powder around class) being noisy, it was me, Junhao and Celine that were making a hell load of noise xD

Super funny la. Its like first cos Junhao took my phone, then he called my dad and MY DAD CALLED BACK. Rah! Then cos Junhao's bag was on the floor I grabbed it and passed it to Celine, and she took out his wallet.

You freggin' rich kid! Got like what 150bucks in there for a baggggg!

Then cos Celine kidnapped his wallet he kidnapped my phone and held it hostage! Rah you Junhao! Haha. Then he used my phone and called my dad AGAIN. My dad picked up and Junhao was like "Hellooooooo? HAHAHA helloooo!" then my dad (or me) cut the call. STUPID LA! But super funny ;]

Mr Phua was like "Wah I never give you two enough questions to do right? Want somemore annot!" then we were like "Noooo Mr Phua you give a lot le!" then we carried on our cat fight. Mr Phua was like laughing already la cos we even stood up and walked around where we were sitting as I tried to take back my phone-y! D: lolol.

Everyone was like, looking at us. Celine was laughing like shit can. HAHA. i gave junhao his wallet back but took out 50bucks and kept it with Celine before I returned it. LOL :D

Mr Phua finally came over, laughing, then he took my phone from Junhao and he asked me and Celine for the monehhhh $$$. I passed it to Mr Phua, and Junhao was like "My MONEHHHHHHH!!" haha stupid guy. Then Mr Phua gave us back our stuffs la lol.

Its like even those guai guai guys from the front row turned behind and laughed as me and Junhao were like cat-fighting la. Super funnehhhh :D

See la, primary school classmates end up in the same tuition class is liddat.

Chikheng you super slacker! ;]

saw him before I went up to class. Like 15mins late already. We said hi, then I thought he and Ricky's tuition classes started same time as mine. I was like "Eh your tuition start same time as mine then what are you still doing here? o.o" then he "Aiyah nevermind one la.. its okay one!"

Next time I follow your good example okay Chikheng! :D follow the presidentttt! Muahaha. Be late for tuition! ;]

Rah, later I got dance class again. I don't feel like going this week lor. The weather is like super warm and I'm lazy to go Somerset.. Seesh. No choice la still have to go. Sian!

After tuition I went to AMK Hub with Celine again.. sian of that place la but its the nearest. What to do? Haha.

My mom didn't wanna get me that super nice heart necklace from 77th Street again la! D: saying what I won't wear it. Who says lor, I can wear it with the black shirt can! Heh.

I finally got something for Justin! :D see dont say I won't buy a birthday present for you okay :]

oh ya you finally know I have a blog.
Eh heh heh. Cannot blog bad stuff about you already! ;] haha joking. joking!

-Loveyou! ;]

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