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Saturday, August 04, 2007


Ugh. I can't sleep. And tomorrow I have the PESTA SUKAN regatta thing going on.

I'm like sick. Almost didn't wanna come school today until I realised I had makeup period for dance after school, so its 2 periods of dance straight till 1.05pm! :D

Now I've got a splitting headache. Not literally tho. LAWL.

I wanna sleep but the headache's keeping me up. My cough's getting worse D: I think I can't go tomorrow le. Check out the time dudes. Now its 3.06AM. No sailors are online.

I'm like biting hard on my jaws cos the pains' getting there. UGHHHH. My throat feels damn dry.

mi-na-san, tas-ke-te!!!

I feel like mugging for Science all of a sudden. There's only chapters 9 and 10 tested for the Science Common Test coming up. Phew, what a relief. ELECTRICITY :D that the chapter I like a lot so far.

I hope I didn't hear it wrongly tho.
I mean, it could be UNIT or CHAPTER right?

If its unit, I'm dead.

I wanna mug. Like, even tho I'm tired now, I am very tempted to cram in one chapter into my brain first. Then tomorrow bring Science textbook to NSC to study if there's no wind. But given my current condition, I most prob can't go tomorrow. I feel like dying. Ugh.

Read Cheeteng's blog and realised why Weiming asked for my full name on Thursday on the way to sailing. Omg la so that the thing Jasmine did using my name in pri6 when we were super bored after exams. LOL. I've been trying to remember it la.

I'm now paying a lot of attention in class.

Except during Math. Yep, I hate Mr Gan's class. I don't even understand what he's saying most of the time! Like, can he speak more clearly? I'M GONNA FAIL MATH DAMNNIT! Nvm I'll go ask Justin teach me a lot of chapters someday. Like lol poor guy.

I hope loads of SIMULATANEOUS EQUATIONS come out for common test and EOY :D I'd easily do all of them! Lovelovelove simulataneous eqns! :D

And our class should pretty much shut up during lessons. Like I'm going wtfwtf la. I can't concentrate, and the teachers who only just took over for some subjects are getting mad at our class every half an hour and screams/shouts at us. Then say dowan teach dowan teach.

Yes I know my class is good, but there are some times where the class needs to learn to SHUT UP right? I need to mug for EOYs man.. If I wanna be able to make it to 3J or 3E.

Today the central comm caught some of us for grooming. I was like uhhh. Mr Prem also never say about us when we greet him and then central comm come scold us. Then we got quite mad. Its like, its their job and duty to catch us for grooming, but can they look at themselves sometimes? Quoted from Yokeching "Their grooming is like nowhere better than ours!"

Talked to Chikheng and he told us "Aiya now they gonna be in Ex Co next year so this year they think they are like big la so ya must understand cos it happened to me also. But look at me now? I'm nothing la.. haha." then I was like "YOU'RE PRESIDENT!!! :D"


Even if I tell my mom she'll just "Aiya nvm la.. not so pain right? Go for your race lor! :D" sigh..

I should try to catch some ZZZs, before I die at home tomorrow. Even tho the headache and backache is currently killing me alone already.

I need to go back and see the Chinese doc again la wth.

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