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Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm gonna do what I said I would and promised. Can't let you down, can't keep you waiting-

I think I'm pretty unlucky today.
  1. Got caught for fringe.
  2. Had headache and almost fainted while running during PT.
  3. Found out there's no training from next week onwards.
  4. Went to AMKhub and saw someone I DIDN'T want to see.
  5. When I checked my phone I had a missed call. When I got home I realised that when I took out my hp to check the person just put down D:
  6. Got locked out of the house.
  7. Felt feverish when I wanted to sleep.
  8. Had a phone call end in a harsher way than usual.

I HATE the fact that from next week onwards theres no training.

Especially since I just got better at my sailing skills after I found out where I went wrong and all, and that I'm really enjoying sailing.

Damn you, exams! D:

I'm going to piaaaaa for EOYs already. Soon, pretty soon. Anyone wanna go out for study session with me? I need to study somewhere that's NOT my house. And that somewhere would most probably be Macs.

If I'm lucky enough, someone will accompany me.
(Which I do hope someone will.)

I'm beginning to hate the class. Especially someone. I'm not gonna list names.

During lessons, especially Math, you'd better SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Its like, today during Math lesson, Mr Gan started a new topic, which was Probability (he kept pronouncing it as "porpapility"). It wasn't new for me cuz I already learnt it in tuition but I didn't get my basics right then, so I paid attention during Math.

And I answered a freaking load of questions Mr Gan asked. Like woah, I'm a changed person when it comes to studies! :D good for me!

Public Speaking was goooood. The slacker didn't come again, as we suspected. Everytime we have public speaking instead, she won't come. Always like that. The uhh, Mr Goh (I forgot his surname) showed us some Toastmasters vids. One was super funny! :D sent the class LMAO-ing.


Painted a vege (which I kope-d from Carine last min cos Yuxuan and I didn't bring one), which was a carrot. The sketch was nice and Ms Yeo said it was very nice! :D she didn't correct me except for the fact the outline was too dark and that I needed to make it lighter before painting.

Ms Yeo has lovely painting skills. Like really awesome painting skills! I totally destroyed my carrot cos my shade of orange was way too dark. So she helped me touch up. It turned out so pretty after she touched it up for me :D THANKS MSYEO! :D

While running the timed rounds during sailing PT, I think I scared Isabelle quite badly cos I almost fainted. Like, I saw black spots and refused to stop running cos I thought I was okay.

At the 4th level, I ran with her then suddenly stopped and fell on the floor, haven't faint yet la. She was like "OMG Gwen! You okay?! 0.0 Gwen!" she already knew I had a headache but she didn't know how bad it was.

Then I carried on walking. 2nd floor I collasped to the floor again, this time refusing to get up cos I was dizzy. She was like "Want me to get Mr Yeo up here?" then I "NO! Nono belle don't need." then she helped me up and I walked down and immediately crashed into the metal gate thingy at the staircase. Justin was like sitting at the stairs la. Wonder if he got shocked. Haha.

So I didn't run the 2nd timing round. Heh. But I still did all my pumpings and crunches later outside the PE store.

Walking to the bus stop was nice. :D people don't know why but I know. Heheheeeee.

Got to central with Peckkhee cos she needed to buy sunblock. Then she tempted me to buy Subway cookies! Damnnit I'm growing fat la.

Then got home, bathed in super cold water (i dunno why...) and slept cos my headache was still there.

Now imma go my gran's house for dinner. Prayer month! :D hahaha. Okay gotta go. Feeling full tho ugh.

And I feel feverish again la wth... I'm not having a fever but my whole body's just very hot now.. and I dunno why. Shouldn't have bathed in cold water sia.

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