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Friday, August 10, 2007


In another 14 posts or so, imma hit my 500th post! :D happyhappaye!

I needa blog about stuffs. Today and yesterday (meaning uhh aug9th and 8th).

Shall blog about today first (while I try to recall more of 8th aug. Sigh. Old liao)!

I spent a really boring national day in the usual way - first at home, then go Aunty Belinda's house to celebrate Tri's birthday.

Its the standard every year during national day. No surprise hurhur.

Woke up damn late today. My mom was staring at me while I was sleeping. I woke up and saw her staring at me then I was like "UGHHHHHH!!" and went back to sleep. My mom threw a pillow at me ;P

Woke up around 11.40am? LATE man, late.

Then my dad passed to me my hp after I finished washing up. Guess who the call was from. Cos of the contact's name, my dad questioned me until I ignored him lol :P

Justin asked me to chip in for a PSP instead of getting him a wallet! LOL. Lucky guy.. getting a PSP for his birthday. Uhh okay la mine was more expensive :P haha. Mine's a hp! Muahaha!

Watched I Not Stupid Too on youtube. Half of it, to be precise. Like after lunch I took over the com from dad and suddenly I listened to the I Not Stupid Too theme song Celine sent me on my hp during tuition. (I'm listening to the song now too ;P)

And I watched the movie after watching the MV for that song. SHAWN IS THE LOVE MAN. So shuaiiiii! :D

The movie made me think stuffs. I even cried while thinking about it. The part I watched till was talking about parents not appreciating their kid's talents, and instead, looking and pin-pointing out their flaws.

It happens to me too. Especially since I have a younger brother.

They don't appreciate my talent I had for piano (signed me up for classes last year since my aunt pressurised my mom and since I wanted it so bad), they don't appreciate I'm the only sailor in the family, they don't appreciate anything. Not even my artistic talents. A1 for art is not a big deal huh D:

Same as Tom (in the show la), he had blogging, webdesign and computer tech talents. Same goes for me, but in both scenarios both parents don't appreciate the skills. D: my parents know I have the skills but to them its just shit.

On the other hand, my bro plays badminton quite okay, and they praise him all the time even tho I am (or used to be) a much better player than him.

They compliment my bro so much and whenever I improved for sailing results its just "Oh okay." "Don't go near other boats next time lor." "Nothing damaged? Haha!" Sigh.

I ask my bro to try sailing, they tell me don't force him.

They know I love sailing, they ask me join badminton with my bro and go for Saturday practices with him. What happened to "Dad, if I don't have tuition on Saturday can I go for weekend trainings for sailing? :D"?

When I tell them no for badminton they sigh and frown and tell me reconsider JUST COS I HAVE THE POWER FOR GOOD SMASHES. Oh God!

Parentsss. Sigh.
Double sigh.

Then my dad chui-ed me to bathe cos we had to go Tricia's place there for her birthday. LOL.

Couldn't wait to see the Mayflowerians on NATIONAL TV for NDP! :D

While eating dinner there NDP started.

After I sat there stoning and waiting for the MFSS part to come out, Justin called and we just talked. He was watching it at first till he got really bored of watching it.

Suddenly they put "-dunnodunno what the title is- By Mayflower Secondary School", then I was like "OMG MAYFLOWER IS ON OMG JUSTIN GO WATCH!!!" he quickly chionged to watch and was like "I'm there I'm there.. starting liao!" then we laughed as I pointed out who I recognised. ESPECIALLY WEN YI AND YINGHAN AND DANIEL! I spotted Aishah too ;]

Wenyi and Yinghan's faces were like, BIG. Cos there was this breif part where their faces just got smacked on the whole TV from side view, cameraman zoomed on into them :D I was like "OMG WENYIIIIIII! HAHA OMG YINGHAN'S THERE TOO! :D"

After the MFSS part was over the whole NDP just got boring again :P

Stoned around, yadayada. Then Troy started on TV! Around 10 plus?

So I watched it with my relatives till most of them who weren't playing mahjong left le. The movie still haven't finish.

It ended just nice as I was about to leave - Yerp, 1 ONE AM. Like a more than 3 hours movie. Sian. But it was hell nice.


LOL joking la. But Orlando Bloom's totally hot. Just that among all the guy actors who fought in the little war, he seemed.. skinny o.o all of them had muscles okay. Huge ones which Kerrie and Alicia would love haha ;] I still prefer skinny guys. They still don't know why sia, always disagreeing with me what our future bfs/husbands must be like LOL.

Tomorrow imma catch Rush Hour 3 with the sailors! <3

Totally looking forward to it. Its gonna be hell fun ;] and I'm chipping in 20bucks for Justin's present. Sigh. Then getting another present. Sigh, I'm gonna go broke can D:

I'm in love with the wallet I'm thinking of getting him sia ;D its BILLABONG and totally nice. Awws. But its more for guys. Who cares? I'm like a lil bit of a tomboy haha ;]

Talk about 8th Aug another day okay? PROMISE!

If I talk about it in this post, its gonna get too long and boring for you guys lol. So TTFN! Ta Ta For Now huhuhu! ;]


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