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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm like, back to using the laptop again lol. My computer's been sent for repairs.

Hopefully getting it back by this Saturday D:

I'm super tired now. Ugh. I feel so tempted to sleep on my table again la. Let my dad come in and wake me up.

I hate --- --------. She never taught our class well, she only knows how to slack. When my class has failures, she scolds us like she was the best teacher in the world and that she did her best while we did our shittiest.

Well, I'll let you know that you've not taught us on ANY punctuation shit. So what if my class has failures for English? You claim you taught us so much on whatever shiats, but you think the worksheets you gave us really helped that much? You don't even collect them back to mark!

And other teachers already long calculated the marks and marked finish the papers. You mark them during our Public Speaking course, and you can still tell my class that you'd count the marks TODAY? PLEASE LA. You dont even know where are those worksheets we did when you were absent. Only know how to come to class late each lesson. Waste of our time.

You deserve the long-awaited "most slack teacher" of the year award. Agreed?

Nevertheless, I still got a fucking B4 for English. ENGLISH. OKAY. GODDAMNNIT. I GOT A B4 FOR ENGLISH. I want to kill myself.

When I got back the paper I almost cried la. I was like 20.5/35?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! While everyone told me at least I passed, all I could think of was where was the A1 I aimed for? D:

I really feel so upset.

There goes my only hope for getting another A this common test. I feel like exploding. I intended to emuuuu for the rest of the day today actually. But with the people in sailing and in my class being so.. themselves, how could I not smile for the rest of the day la?

I LOVE GRAPHS. not straight-lined graphs.

Those curve graphs! :D Super fun to draw them. And finding the equasion shiat is super easy. Mr Gan didn't scold me or gimme the "Garl wth are you doing during MY lesson?!" look. Shuang. Never felt so guai during Math lesson before.

lololol to all you sickos out there-

Qihua and Zul were like, HORNAYE in class okay. Kept looking at me and Carine and they were like "ahh this one la this one. Think so annot? This one la." when Supra talked about changes in girls.

Sailing was fun. But the wind died down on my upwind to Bedok buoy D: sadded. Linjie was a heck of a sore loser la. I launched like dunno how much later than him, and I caught up and won him. So he got up and rocked his boat, making him go faster. Like wtf?

He says he does that during regattas and jury dont catch him so I shouldn't care la. My foot. Bullshiat!

Then since the wind died down I couldn't round the Bedok buoy. So went to gather with the rest at where Aunty Yvonne was. Big Nic capsized again la. And the wind was freaking light. I wonder how he capped (4 times in total somemore) la.

We had a race up to Keta buoy. A buoy I was more familiar with. I did pretty well this time :D After I rounded the buoy I was like 10th? Yep. Shuang bo?

Then went downwind back to shore. Nic was infront of me, and I watched him capsize like another 3 more times. Overtook him and he capsized another dunno how many times. I ALMOST capped but managed to prevent it. Kept sheeting in to go on reach to wait for someone behind la. Caused my almost-capsize. :] heh joking! ;]

Oh ye! I saw YESHEN before launching (I just noticed the corny-ness of the oh YE and YEshen thing. Haha). When pulling my boat up I said hi to him, while unrigging I talked to him. Seems like the Pierce Sec sailing captain won't quit afterall? Good! :D can compete with him sometime.

Unrigged and rigged super slowly today. I don't know why la. I feel so super useless when everyone's done and I'm the only idiot left in school uniform rigging up. D: sad.

On the way back to school I slept throughout the bus ride. Was super tired and I also dont know why la. I was semi-asleep, like I always am on the bus.

Could hear the guys going crazy over whatever PSP game they had at the last row, and Jack's voice kept booming in my ear like throughout the ride. He just kept yakking to Aaron lol.

I'm super sad today la.
1. STUPID ENGLISH RESULTS. where's my A1?!
2. I feel damn pangseh-ed in class and during sailing. ): (and we hardly talk too D: need to talk to you more!)
3. I feel stupid and idiotic. Sorry for causing you hurt, again. Anyway, it ALWAYS is me.

I want to feel happy. But now I feel sleepy and sad. Wanna cry over those 3 stuffs but I can't. Sigh. Cried myself dry already I guess.

I love you. Why won't you understand?

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