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Sunday, August 26, 2007

I think I'm going nuts. I was so hardworking during tuition! I hardly talked to Celine and Junhao, I just sat there and spent the whole time listening to my songs while doing my graphs.

And I kept going up to ask Mr Phua about stuff I don't know how to do, which is amazing cos I'll usually just sit there and keep quiet until Mr Phua goes thru the answers. I saw Ricky as I was leaving the tuition center. Where's Chikheng? Haha.

I was right about getting my weekly dose of Drummania. I DID get it today after tuition, played 3 rounds only tho. Celine left earlier so I played alone. Talked briefly to some guys who played Drummania - I was the only girl player in the arcade that time! :D

I've managed to get a slight idea of a routine to Woman Friend by Chromeo. A Korean girl was poppin to it. So I watched it a few times and caught on with the routine.

If anyone has the song Woman Friend by Chromeo, do send it to me. Greatly appreciated! :D

I think Imma go practice my routine for class and the routine I learnt from the video. I don't wanna get killed by Maqrius. D: haha. Gotta practiceeee! ;]

Ohyea. The small routine to "Woman Friend" that I'm trying to kope/learn xD

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