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Sunday, August 26, 2007

dI hated dance today. For one thing, Maqrius was hard up on me cos I missed a lesson last week. So my moves were like not perfected cos I missed that lesson.

Before we ended he made us do the moves without music one by one. After I did mine he said it was bad. Very bad. I was like ya I know.. I mean I didn't get to perfect my moves last week so duh. He was like stressing on me a lot today. But I understand la, missed a lesson, gotta catch up and do better. Its hard to bear with such lessons but oh well. To pursue my dream! :D

When I left the house to head for the MRT I saw my neighbour, and he offered me a lift to around City Hall, cos his friend was dropping him there. Haha. But I felt paiseh so I told him its okay. He's so nice la.

After dance I felt terrible.

During the last half of dance I was feeling giddy and a bit faint, so my moves became all sloppy. D: I guess its cos I sweat a lot when dancing, then there's aircon, and I'm already sick. Adds on to everything.

I can't get enough of the video of Kim Hyo Yeon and Jaewon dancing together! (refer to bottom few post) They look so good together. And they're both talented dancers. Awww~! Jaewon looks cute la. :]

Imagine, if that one dance could let two people feel if they were meant to be with each other, or in this case made for each other. It'd be so nice! *goes into dreamy state* it could bring two people together, and it'd be so cool to express thru dance.

*snaps out of dreamy state* awwwww~!

I wanna be Hyoyeon during that time la. Imagine dancing with Jaewon like that. AWWWW! Haha okay I gotta stop aww-ing. But its super cool right! :] Jaewon's not too cute looking but he has the dance skills and dressing sense.

Okay I'd really better stop talking about Jaewon or Hyoyeon. :D haha. Imma have dinner now.
Here's a crazy vid of Jaewon popping. He's awesome right? My future husband/whatever should be able to pop like this. HAHA. Joking.. joking.

Ciaos! :]

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