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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sleepy now... zzz.


Yesyesyes! :D haha. So happy. Finally gonna be free till EOYs start. Bahhhh! ;]

I feel like I'm gonna fail Art. How can I fail ART?! Its a subject I can pass so damn easily la. But, oh! this time, the school decided to test art by using writing instead of drawing. How? ANCIENT GREEK AND ROMAN ART.

Ugh. I this morning then study la. Quickly grabbed notes from Shirei before I did duty then chionged the notes. Didn't study all the sculpture names and crap.. I just read the points Shirei highlighted LOL.

DnT was not too bad la.. a lot of common sense needed like Cass told us. But the pictures were super blur/not clear. Can't identify how this product is better and yadayada. D:

During Chinese I got back Common Test and Class Test papers. Bahhhhh! did super badly for both. Okay la Common Test I needed a freggin' little bit to pass, Class Test I failed like there was no worse shit in the world.

Liang laoshi even asked me what happened to me, cos I'm doing super badly in Chinese. D:

During Math me and Atiqah and Eileen sat at a corner at the door and kept talking. Mr Gan is getting more whatever and more shitty la! Wtf la I miss Mrs Ram a lot! ):

Its like, "how you do when you got no flexur curve", "and then how you find this answer when you no have the constanrnd?"

Flexi curve = FLEXUR curve
Constant = CONSTANRND.

I hate this teacher. He's so gonna be the cause why I fail Math. Gah. I really need your help, teach me Mathhhhh! D:

After school slacked a bit then went to the foyer. All the sailors were there :D haha. I didn't eat lunch again, surprisingly I didn't have any appetite, so I just bought Lemon Barley while Ningxin bought some drink and Oheyas! :D lol.

Went up on the bus super early with Quin. Only Justin and Weiming were on the bus la. Since Quin promised to show me her phone she took it out and showed me.

OMG ITS HELL PRETTY. And the menu button is like, the one that will vibrate when you press the left, right up or down key la! The menu that's newer than mine! D: I want that menu, so fun to play with the phone menu la. Always play with Kerrie's :D haha.

Then suddenly when everyone saw her phone everyone was fighting to see it. Haha. Super funny la Quin spent most of her time on the bus trying to ask who's got her phone and for the person to return it lol.

Sailing was demoralising. I don't know whats the problem with me okay! MY SAILING SUCKS NOW. And I don't know why. So irony. So funneh. HAHAHAHA I wanna kill myself. I feel like crying whenever I think how badly I'm doing now la.

Its like upwind I slow down a lot. I dont know why! Check everything and its fine. Aunty Yvonne told me my sail's slack was more than a palm's length, it was like one ARM'S length.

Tightened it and it seemed to help a bit and I was happy again. Until I realised before we sailed back how much faster everyone was. T_T

When pulling up my boat after recovering it, Justin and Weiming ran out of NSC (they already pulled up their boats D:) and then I heard Weiming tell Justin "Eh Gwen, Gwen there!"

Of course knowing them I knew they were up to something. They were even holding some long branched seaweed I think.

Then Justin ran past me, anyohow swing swing that stupid thing and it slapped me on the right side of my neck real hard. I think even tio-ed cut or something. It hurt a lot la! D: pain... rah!

At least he asked me if I was okay. If not he die sia. Haha. Chased him to hit him for a while then was like better go unrig first let him kachiao me when I'm not so flustered about sailing lol.

Then when I was unrigging Weiming and Mubarak come kachiao me! Like lol can! The sec3 guys taking turns to come and bully me la D: except Cheeteng. Thank you Cheeteng! LOL.

The two of them used the hoses to spray water at me till I was soaked again la lol. Then I can't hide cos got two hoses and both spraying at me. Combine forces la.. good la! LOL. Then Weiming was like aiya Mubarak don't waste water la aiyoh! in his sarcastic voice haha.

Was gonna rain le so all of us hurry up and unrig. Can see all the dark clouds and can hear the rain sound or something from where we were la. So all kanchiong le haha.

I went to put my rudder and daggerboard back into the MOE cage there, then JUSTIN GO LOCK ME INSIDE! rah you Justin! haha. I was like stuck there. So paiseh and fustrating la. Then I go take my B12 tiller extention and gei like I wasn't bothered and asked him hurry let me out. Then he really did lol.

Then he went to help Wenfeng with the sail so I go whack his back but someone told him I was behind la then he zhao-ed. SADDED! Haha.

During debriefing Yvonne used my boat (again. Everytime she teaches us this knot she always zhunzhun use MY boat de lor) and taught the rest the knot for in case of emergency when we need to get towed back cos the knot comes out easily not like the bowline we use when we get towed.

Then Justin kept asking her "again again!" and she asked them try doing the knot - using my mast and my mainsheet! Then they purposely go be so rough with my mast la. Kept shouting at them to be gentle with my mast or they die! LOL.

On the way back I slept on the bus. I wasn't that tired but I decided to sleep. I wasn't really sleeping actually, I was more of eyes closed, can hear what's going on but don't wanna open my eyes kinda thing.

I woke up just when the sec3 guys at the back were just starting to sing the vagina song. Stupid person who composed it la. So sick can! And Justin was the only one saying vagina la. The rest will keep quiet when the song says vagina, except Justin..

So I was telling Quin "I woke up, just to hear them sing this song?! Ughhhh!" and I couldn't go back to sleep. But they were funny so maybe my brain told me to 'wake up' at the right time ;]

During PT Mr Lee killed us la. The pushups he made us wait longer and go lower, so it was like super tiring. I sweated like hell can! D:

After sailing my parents brought me to IKEA to eat at their Cafe/restaurant there! :D

We passed by this eatery in the car near Thomson Imperial or whatever (the one I always go the Chinese doc there xD) near Thomson Plaza and my dad almost wanted to eat there instead haha. Not Long House la haha.

Last time I ate there was when I stayed over at Timothy Neoneoneo's (xD) house for the supposed movie marathon, then we went IKEA for breakfast since IKEA is like right opposite the condo he stays in haha.

Bought like loads of food. When I finished the soup and ate half of my chicken thingy I was full le =X so much! haha. And I didn't eat lunch la. I was hoping I'd be super hungry can. I was but I easily got full D:

Walked around and then me and my bro wanted to get the ice cream we hadn't eaten in such a long time. But then the ice cream was too frozen la wth. End up didn't eat it, my mom helped us cancel the order. Waited there for like 20mins+ la.

I was super tired, dizzy and wanted to go home. I didnt tell my parents la I just told them can we go can we like go? and we went home since it was quite late le.

Almost slept on the car also, if it wasn't for the fact I was listening to my music.

Oh yeah. Exams aren't over. THERE'S DANCE TEST TOMORROW OMG AND I FORGOT THE WUSHU STEPS! Tomorrow morning must try to learn from Joey and remember it le omg.

I really want you to talk to me again. Only one day and I miss you so much. Ahhh cannot take it, you're suddenly damn cold.. Sorry I made you so mad love. ILY & IMY-

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