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Friday, August 24, 2007

send me stuff; songs and whatever shit.


Sorry for the usage of vulgarities. But I am seriously in a bad mood now.

Everything in my CPU is gone. GONE. Its all freggin' gone damnnit! Thanks to my dad. He came home, and was like "I have good news, the CPU might be ready by Saturday. The bad news is one of the system crashed and the guy told me that he needs to reboot the whole thing."

I was like, wtf did you just say? Then I told him I got a whole load of photos, music and videos in there!

Then he told me "Serves you right for saving it in your computer. Who asked you not to save it somewhere else? Did you delete it from your camera and everything?"


If I don't save it in my computer, WHERE ELSE DO I SAVE IT? I don't have a thumbdrive, don't have a portable harddisk. Where the hell you want me to save it in la?

He's like, just ask your friends for all the photos that you need la.

Like its so simple liddat?! WTF LA.

1. You took the CPU to get it repaired without telling me. I WOULD have done something like make a backup before you took it and told me only AFTER sailing.
2. You told them to go ahead and reboot the whole fucking thing without telling me. So what if I was in school?! You could have told them to wait until you got home so that you could ask me before you give them the go ahead.

You think its so easy to get back like more than a thousand photos and like 700+ songs?!

I have a lot of personal pics my friends don't have, and all those damn nice photos and abstract photos I wanted to submit to Deviantart and all that shit are GONE.

I even had to use limewire to get some of the songs I needed okay, especially those for dance. So lets see, I'll just use the bloody limewire, the bloody programme that has so much bugs, to get back the songs, ei?

Let the computer crash again. I don't bloody give a damn.

Why do parents like trying to make up to their kids only after they've done something wrong?

Like, just now after knowing I'm fucking disappointed since all my things are gone, he came into my room and used the "i'm-sorry-for-doing-this, would-you-like-a-present-to-make-up-for-it?" look and used this super nice tone to tell me,

"I know you're disappointed after everything's gone, so.. I'm going to buy you a harddisk. How big is the space you want?"

That just makes everything a whole lot worse. Okay?

I just ignored him and told him I don't know and I don't want to get one. Then I just resumed to the work I was doing on the laptop.

Then he got bloody fucking mad and told me "fine then I won't buy one if you're going to talk like that" and slammed my door shut. Wtf? You're getting mad at me for something you did to get me even mad in the first place?

When I told you I wanted a thumbdrive to store my stuff, you didn't want to get me one. Suddenly after you realise I'm crying over everything gone (speak of crying over spilt milk. damnnit) THEN you want to get me a fucking thumbdrive and even offered to get a harddisk instead?

I hate it when parents are like that.


My day didn't start out good. Just as it got better you made it a whole lot worse. Oh, thanks dad! You're always like that. ALWAYS!

P.S. gonna play o2jam now to vent my anger, finally downloaded it on the laptop and the patch's done.
&LEE MIN YOUNG, you're my newest idolised dancer :D I just lovelovelovelovelove! Lee Min Young! :] even tho you're not as cute after losing your baby fats on your face and you're 2 years older than me but with debut of your album out soon..

Hate the fact that Koreans can dance better, are prettier and cuter, look much younger than anyone else.

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