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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Funny how I've been falling sick so often the past few days. Funny how I can actually love drawing graphs.

Funny how much I feel like studying now even tho its 12.06am and I've got tuition tomorrow morning.. hmm.

These few days I've been down with the usual flu, cough, sorethroat, headaches.. ya especially headaches. Maybe its the weather's fault. Bahhhhh.

I'm like, really looking forward to watching Secret (mimimimi!). Ahhhh! Even tho I'm not like a big fan of Jay Chou, I still think this movie would be awesome, and a really sad one too D: nevertheless! Imma watch it ASAP!

And I'm so NOT looking forward to Maqrius's dance lesson tomorrow. Maybe cos I've not been practicing the routine and instead I keep doing freestyle at home. ): not good if he asks us to show him the moves again. He'll surely point out like a million flaws of mine, which I bet I've got more.

1 more month 'till exams. I'm still not even half prepared.

Think given my common test results its gonna be hard for me to make it to even 3E. Sigh. I've got to work doubly hard during this period I guess. Pull up my EOYs result and at least show my parents they're sending me to school for a reason. Heh..

Went PCBunk with Audrey, Quin, Jody, Bernice and Cheeteng today. Bahhh, lets just say it wasn't what I expected la. I've always thought PCB was some super huge and nice place. It IS huge, but crammed up and the computers are like not the number I imagined.

But before that we went to Macs to eat. Okay THEY ate. I watched and kope-d some ;]

Our tower of Cheeseburgers and sea of fries! :]

Still, the place was freggin' cool. Like the sign at the PCB counter. And the Zone-X beside it seemed super huge too. Drey told me the Drummania people literally camp inside there. Aww I wanna go see them play! D: but Bern didn't like arcades and I dont like the idea of making her go in since she doesn't like the place.

Tomorrow after tuition I'll hopefully get my weekly dose of Drummania madness. And oh! The crazy (to me it is) EXTREMEMEMEME mode of Believe In Love. I still can't believe I got an A the 2nd time I tried it. Dude its crazy for me.

I wanna get Celine to go and study with me tomorrow. Like at Macs. She's the only person (maybe not) that I can actually study with at MACDONALDS. Everyone else is like "Gwen you mad? That place is like super noisy!"

But thats the only kind of condition I can study in. Seriously. Music and noise. If its too quiet like the library I'll get distracted.

No computer, nothing. Just music and a notebook and loads of coloured markers. :D

Can't wait to get tomorrow's Math tuition over and done with. 2 hours.. a long 2 hours.... ugh. And I'm thinking of getting Science tuition soon, before I fail Science. Sigh.

Still on cold war with my dad. Ugh. My parents always seem to take turns having cold wars with me.

I kinda can't wait for tomorrow. If you can go, then good for me lor haha. :D

Feeling sleepy already. Ciaos! ;]


Oh yeah! Me playing Believe In Love EXT (extreme, duh) mode. I got an A okay! Don't playplay! :D

Might try it again tomorrow if I go arcading with Celine, as usual. Haha. Its like a everyweek routine after tuition. We'll go straight to the arcade at Jubilee after tuition on Sundays ;] then I'll go siao over Drummania while she watches. Haha!


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