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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to using my desktop

Haha yes I'm back to using my desktop. I moved my laptop away for a while.

I'm suddenly not used to this keyboard. BUT I CAN PLAY BEATUP IN AUDITION! :D

Thats the reason why I decided to use my desktop btw. Too tempted while playing Audition with my laptop. Unless my dad buys me a laptop-friendly keyboard / numpad. And the bigger screen is nicer lol. But the keyboard suddenly feels like damn hard to type with. Ugh!

All my songs are here lol. I missed them so much for the like 1 week I was using my laptop. T_T but using the mouse is so much better.

Tomorrow is MONDAY.


PE. Ugh. Boring/tiring. Run 2.4 again. My LAST chance. Omg la Mr Lee will kill and suan me again if I don't pass. UGH.

Zomg I left my handbook in school I think. Oh well. Just asked Aaron - there's English, Chinese and Math tomorrow. And maybe some more he doesn't know. LOL.

Must talk about my dance lesson today. It was funnnn! :D

I went there like half an hour late >< cos end up last min my dad couldn't send me all the way to Somerset, so I dropped off at Bishan MRT station and took MRT there instead. I reached there earlier than expected.

When I reached there, Maqrius was like "Haha thanks for joining us.. like at this time." I was like "omg paiseh sorry sorry!" Then I quickly stretched and got ready. He thought us only 1-8 today la. Two weeks ago he expected us to be able to do 4-8s today. Ugh.

He kept having to turn off the lights during the trying of the first step cos all three of us (me, Pam and Priscilla) were too paiseh to dance when we're like looking at each other.

The steps were like.. ugh. So hard to do. Cos we practiced a lot on the popping moves like hip isolation and chest isolation. I hate isolation shiats! RAWRRRR D:

But it was fun. Really fun :D I can't wait to learn somemore of the moves next week. Maqrius showed us a bit before we ended the lesson and what can I say..


Its like super advanced. The moves we're doing next week is like.... hard. Very hard. DIE!! Theres a lot of popping involved. OMG I DON'T WANNA PRACTICE ISOLATION AGAIN. Dammnit. But if now how to get better?

Dance is like my ultimate love. And I'm taking one step closer to being able to go for hiphop battles and performances and competitions (okay wait hiphop battle and hiphop competitions mean the same thing ><). I must REN ZHU with these practices.

To get better! :D

And oh I kept hunching during practice when we doing one of the moves. He kept correcting me on that but I couldnt stop hunching! UGH. I should really stop. I do that in sailing even. Now while I'm typing this I'm trying real hard to sit up straight. UGHHHHH. *cracks back knuckles*

It was like he thought I stopped hunching.. then he started the music and we tried the moves we learnt again before we ended lesson. Then I hunched a lot at that move again.

Maqrius walked to his laptop, then he turned back and saw me hunching and he practically ran (tho he was like right infront of me) to me, grabbed hold of my shoulders and pushed it forward and he was like "Gwennnnn! Stop hunching! Gahhhhh! I wanna like kill you, you know!" (cos despite the number of times he told me not to hunch I still did) then he like pounded my back a lot of times. "Don't hunch!"

Can't wait for tomorrow - most fun day of the week!

Like heh heh heh. Sarcasm intended okay! I'M BEING UBER SARCASTIC. :D

Stupid back problems.

Coming back again, ever since yesterday. Pain. PAIN. I need to see the Chinese doc again. Geez.


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