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Monday, July 23, 2007

OHAIYOOO gozaimuzta!

I'm so boredddd.

I'm finally using my laptop again. Like hurhur. But now my laptop also like quite slow le. Sad. I think cos of the virus I tio-ed last time.

So now I know what my blog looks like to people using 1024x768 resolution. Haha.

And my laptop is boring. Cannot play auditionSEA cos of the small RAM, and theres only 197 songs here. But I'm adding more now by scanning in my audio CDs.

I woke up at 8.30plus this morning la.

And oh, did I mention that theres no school? :D

So shuang. Thanks to Project Cool Running, its a school holiday for Mayflower Sec.

They had a Guiness World Record Breaking attempt inconjuction with Kebun Baru CC.

Mayflowerians go Bishan Park runrunrun then raise funds for the aircon in our school and some for Kebun Baru I think. Haha.

The school has enough/so much money to give away throphies and stuff after some mini competition during assemblies etc. but yet the school isn't rich enough to use a bit of the money wasted on throphies to builld some aircon in school.

Like geez. Everyone will agree with me on that lor. Yokeching thought of what I typed lol. And we were like *nodding heads in agreement* kinda shit.

The school's rich enough for minor stuff but not the major stuff that we really need.

I feel blurry-eyed.

I AM blurry-eyed.

I think I'll blog more later.

Shall go eat breakfast and later at around 12 imma pick someone up around school to come my house.

Like lawl.

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