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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Like haha. My sick-ness-es that have been hidden under the shadows (omg sounds like some pathetic drama) has finally unleased itself (yup, corny much) and attacked me on whole!

Okay wth am I talking about. LOL.

I'm not in school now! I'm at home! See? See! Its a Wednesday morning, look at the time of my post! Like HAH! And its not a school holidayyyyy! See? See?

*Uses the Ron Weasley-tone* Bloody hell I think I've gone mad.

Anyway; so ya. I woke up at 6AM this morning just to realise I've got a headache, stomachache, and I felt quite cold. Not cos of the weather thank you very much. But I think I was like..


(not in the mind you dumbasses)
(dumbasses if you WERE thinking that way)

So yeah. Now I'm at home. I wanted to go to school la. Kept debating whether to stay home or to go to school. Then I realised the only "major" subject I needed to attend during today's lessons is MATHEMATICS. Okay fine its only one.

There's Geography, Thinking Skills (ugh uber boring), Literature, Math and CME. (does recess count? LOL)

The only few that are more to important are Geog, Lit and Math.

Which, I'm missing today. Math isn't double period today but Geog and Lit are! D:

I actually hate Math lessons. And don't like Geog lessons. But I quite like Lit, if it wasn't for the fact that Ms Goh sometimes got irritated by my classmates and flared up. I really like lit (as a subject) lor.

The class should sometimes just shut up. Its like a lot of the new teachers are hating my class already!

Btw, I'm using my laptop now. Heh. My com broke down. Just cos the stupid fan in the com won't work. Sucks.

Tomorrow there's training! I dont wanna miss it~ like haha. I wanna trainnnnn. Rah.

Pesta Sukan is like next week or something I think. According to Audrey.

WUAHAHAHA I talked on the phone yesterday for like 2hrs 2mins. LOL. Like broke my record la. But usually I talk on the phone lesser.. except for when its with Kerrie/Alicia la :D can talk damn long wit them.

I wonder whats going on in school now..



Imma go eat breakfast now-

Its MY recess at home too 'ya know.


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