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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wants of a wilful girl much.

I've been feeling unwell today. Like ugh.

My stomach is seriously giving me problems. Keep feeling pain in my stomach. Gah. I ATE ALREADY FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.

My head's throbbing, I'm having sorethroat, etc. I already feel half dead.

Nevermind. Moving on.

Today's lessons were all totally boring. No English, again. Mdm Suhailah didn't come today. Wonder why.

Paid attention in Science again. Muahahaha. Its like I can understand this new chapter of wires and shit so well now. Not THAT well but still, quite well. Muahahha. So proud of myself. *evil laughter* Stress of streaming must be hitting me now.

Geog, on the other hand, was totally boring. Sorry Ms Cheng, I know you teach Geog but why! Why must you leave! D: Its like the whole class now prefers to go home and self-study geog then go school and attend geog lessons by Mrs David.

All she does is nag the whole lesson. Not much of teaching. Just ask us take out textbook, writes like 2 words (so far during the whole settlement topic, the only words she wrote on the board are 'rural' and 'urban'), read to us a bit on the page and ask us do workbook. HOW TO DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT EXPLAINING THE TOPIC WELL. Ughhhhh!

I CAN'T fail geog okay! Not when this year is streaming! Hmph.


I need to train for Sakae Noss. Hahah free Sakae sushi discount thingys. o.o lol. There's gonna be GOLD and SILVER fleet again for the byte class of boats!

I know I'm gonna fall into silver fleet, but I must get top few for that fleet yeah. Haha. Hope the winds will be strong this weekend.

I'll be missing tuition tho D: sorry Celine and Junhao lol. Nevermind, now Celine has the chance to catch up with Junhao since last week she wasn't in class.

And oh!

I realised I have a very, VERY long and EXPENSIVE wishlist. Hurhur.

Billabong wallet
New pencilcase (the one ge-peh gave me is turning black T_T not gonna let that happen! I need a black pencilcase lol xD)
Nike Dunks/Air
Adidas jacket

Those on my current wishlist are like, uhh, what I want but these are what I want/need badly. D: lol I'm such a spoilt brat to want so much stuff.

Crumpler = 158bucks
Billabong wallet = 39bucks (I think?)
Pencilcase = 21+ bucks
Dunks/Air = 100+ bucks
Adidas jacket = 80+ bucks.

Like, someone tell me which item is priced below 20 la. Closest is the pencilcase.

Dont need to talk about clothes liao la lol. Clothes is like, shorts, jeans, uhhhh. So much stuff.

I can't be wilful and want so much stuff. LOL.

But I think I'm gonna have to save up for the crumpler. And roughly pay a bit for the rest. Sigh. Unless if I can negotiate with my parents for them to pay half? :D And oh I want that transparent Nike waterbottle too. They finally came up with the transparent one! :D Long awaited for the transparent one to come out again man.

That, my mom will pay. But she wants to buy it specifically from QUEENSWAY. Ugh. That means when I buy a new shoe from there then I'll get it. All cos its 2 bucks cheaper there than in Sportslink etc.


I'm sitting with Yuxuan now in class lol. Or, by tomorrow that is. Right at the back, RIGHT at the window. Like ugh. I like my current arrangement cos I'm like NOT sitting right at the window where anyone who walks past can see me?? I'm sitting 3 tables away from the door la now I'm sitting right AT the door.

Yuxuan is like "Papercutter! I'm sitting with you now leh!" wu3 jing1 da3 cai2. LOL. Wu Yu Xuan = WU jing da cai.

Irony much. LOL.

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