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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So like here I am, deciding to make my boring life more boring with more blabs. Heh.

So uhhhh, I'm like currently sms-ing Edward over the voting thing to be an SL. He's freakin' nervous la but what to do, I'm not exactly a councillor, literally.
(Shit I still get confused over "I mean literally" and "I don't mean litterally".)

They're finally having the AuditionSEA server check 'till 10pm today. Like uhh! I'm so happy about it. Haha. I might get to play audition's beat up mode again if they DO fix the bugs.

Ebi! Be happy okay! I'm exclaiming about audi's patcher m'dear! :D

I'm still super hyped up and looking forward to training next Thursday.

Wonder if Yeshen will be there too at NSC lol. He talked to me about stopping sailing cos of his big fat 'O's next year, but heck, sailing is so fun I told him he CAN'T quit. Being in Pierce sec sounds very easy-going..

School seems very, unforwarded to. I don't know why. Maybe I will get into some shit trouble tomorrow and the half of my brain labelled 'school-life' senses it. Maybe..

Oh yeah! Happy birthday Rachel <3 RACHEL PHUA.
Lol. xoxo darling! :D

Everyone's birthdays are crammed here and there these few months. I need money to buy their presents man. Imma broke girl, dude.

Rachel's still telling me she owes me a birthday present 8D
AND Celine owes me chewing gum LOLOL. From M'sia.

1. a new leather-ish/like BILLABONG wallet
2. a PSP
3. a crumpler bag
4. a new waterbottle T_T

These are like, things I'm really desperate for right now. I want! My wants! D: Especially the crumpler bag and wallet man.. ughhhh time to save up.

But with all the birthdays, saving up for even the wallet might be hard. Lol. 30bucks+! D:

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