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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Totally random much.

Haha, I'm still hooked onto The River and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl by Good Charlotte! :D
Listened to them 'till both songs are now at 30 plays o.o

"In the city was a sinner, I've done a lot of things wrong but I swear I'm a believer"


So addicting (if there WAS) such a word.

UGH. Friday the 13th was never a good day for me. Or at least, it wasn't a good day for me yesterday. Don't ask why. Wth.

Later I'm going to ah-m's new house. Quite excited la cos its like a bungalow. Just hope my cousins don't try pushing each other down into the pool, especially not me. D:

Haha thank you Yuxuan for making my uhhhh, friendster comments to 401? LOL. Can't thank him in friendster then thank him here. He seems to make me feel like I'm indebted to him or something.

"And the record keeps playing, the same old song. The hipsters keep mugging on me all night long"

AH-HA! AH-HA! Keep your hands of my girl, keep your hands off my girl! They said, ah-ha! Ah-ha! (xD)

My nose feels clogged. Ugh.

Read Yining's message and she told me RC is moving! D:

I can't even go for the last corporate worship there can. RC moving at 6-8pm!


I feel like I'm just talking about random stuff in this post and this post seems so empty la. Haha. Like, really, really boring.

Uhh, I said my life was boring, didn't I.

I think I'll stop ranting random stuff on this post now. Must take pics of my cute toddler cousin JIAWENNNNNNNNN! <3 rah! Uber cuteness man.

Post pics later, if I DO manage to take pics and if my cousin WON'T keep running about lol. Wanna take some pics with her! :D



Ugh. Just ruined my nice number of blog posts! From 456 become 457. D: Okay I hope I blog more 'till it becomes 567! :D *ambitious ambitious! :D*


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