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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All the hard work has paid off (?)

Finally, the interschools are over for the 'C' division. :D

I did quite well on the second day, but on the first day my performance was damn lousy. I DNF(27) one race.

In total we had 6 races in the two days. The course was small, which kinda was a good and/or bad thing for me.

Today, in one of the races, I got 7th out of 24 people! Woot! Go Gwen Go! (Gcube)

Thanks Ningxin, for lending me her hiking pants (even tho it was light wind it still helped when I needed to hike out m'dear!) and Bryan for the gloves, even tho I rejected it at first cos it was still pretty new and I didn't wanna ruin his gloves for him (which I did not) lol.

Omg that sounded like some thank you speech. Hurhur.

Day 1

Got to school earlier than expected. Almost everyone was there already and I could feel the pressure/excitement/stress-ness of the competition already..

When I got there, we did water parade!
Me and Aaron and I think Agnes went to refill our bottles. Some people in the canteen spotted us and gave us funny looks cos we were in slippers, in school on a normal day! :D

I took my sail (SIN866. Pretty prettaye sail!) and lifejacket from the sailing cupboard at the sailing corner and went to sit down with the others at the foyer to wait for the bus.

They put up the AP flag a while after the briefing. From 10.30am till about 1.30pm?


Sat there playing teiti with Ningxin, Luols (you didn't like being called Lols so Luols! :D) and Justin. Spastic. We sat there at the staircase and the sunlight kept coming closer and closer to us and we kept moving in and more in la! I'm already burnt enough thank you.

Then we moved inside, outside (lol inside outside) of the NSC office door to play cos it was too hot outside and the sun practically came directly above us. Dammnit.


Me and Quin kept fighting for 'our' aircon. Hey, its more cooling then outside of that cold-ness room okay!


The sun was like FACE DOWN on the Earth. Hot. I was sleepy. Almost wanted to sleep during AP la but I decided playing teiti was more fun. If it wasn't for the fact that Justin kept winning and helpings others win AFTER he wins.

So I was totally in no mood to sail already. Dammnit.

Launched when there were storm clouds okay! I was bloody happy.

Yeah.. until I GOT to the start line, the wind died down.
Great, just great.

And then it was light wind for the rest of the day. Hur.

You have no idea how boring it was and how much self-talk I had to go thru to keep myself alert and thinking of how to gain boat speed. Hardddd D:

I was like, super mad/angry/upset when I came back to shore.

I BLOODY DNF-ed MY LAST RACE. My previous race's ranking isn't anywhere better either. 17th. HAH. I was like "Bloody hell! I raced so hard and the gate closed on me in just a few boat lengths?! ISABELLE, STAB ME RIGHT NOW. I wanna dieeee!"

I wanted to cry but the tears just couldn't come out. And haha, I dont know why either.

Then when reaching the shore I thought of everything : how that stupid DNF can affect me like shit, how I will be so dissappointed if I dont get a 4th or 3rd for this interschool's.. everything.

I sobbed while sailing back.. And cried when I reached shore when I saw the girls from B div (Tzuling, Ningxin, Peckkhee). It just suddenly came flowing out and I dont know why. Pro.

Its like, damn paisei. Like, everyone was there man. The guys, Mrs Sidhu.. Geez. But I couldn't hide that I was crying la. Its like damn obvious. Lawl shit la. Then Justin asked me if I suck or just sucked but before I replied Tzuling tell him shaddup. Lol xD he felt bad about it cos he didn't know my results, and apologised. Haha. Thats like quite nice of him la.

For the whole day after that I was damn quiet. I could tell cos everyone was coming up to me and telling me to cheer up and that theres still tomorrow.

But when we got onto the bus I seemed better. Tho some of the juniors still tried cheering me up.

Thanks guys <3

Day 2

My race was like shiat. Not expected of me, especially since yesterday I already knew how badly I was and/or could do in light wind.

All my placings +yesterday's races: 17th, DNF27, uhh16 right?, 7, 10, 11

Not too bad, especially for someone like me in LIGHT WIND. Maybe the first race of today impacted me again :P

Saw Cherly today a lot during the races. Yesterday she asked why I was so slow. Today's a different case. She helped me a bit during light wind. Thanks CHERLY! <3

I freaking kept loosing positions in the races today man!

Its like, from 6th become 7th (I thought I was 10th or 11th you know), and from the 2nd last race, 7th become 10th! Omg la so depressed lol. *sits in a corner* *emoooo000oo000oo0o0!*

I SAW A WATER SPROUT DURING THE LAST RACE LA OMG. I was like, "AGNESSSSS! Look there! Thereeeeee la. Not here." then she turned, saw the sprout and did this > o.0 facial expression. Lawl.

It just.. sucked itself into the storm clouds.... o.o

I was just stunned there la while sailing. Lol.

I was the first MF byte sailor to come back to shore. When going back to shore I saw Isabelle going on her downwind. At first I didn't wanna go so near cos I couldn't see anyone there. Then I saw a few optimists, then a few MF sailors came running out and I sailed down a bit more. Can see they were like "CHIONGGGGGG AH!!!" and suddenly orange, blue and black and yellow shirts appear from the trees lol.

Zach sailed an optimist! :D It moved okay. Should ask Lianghong for the video :]

Then Peckkhee relived her days of an opti sailor by taking over from Zach! And Zach passed my boat to Cheeteng lol. Then Cheeteng passed my boat to Siungee and she capsized after banging into an optimist's mast xD oww.

Zach's hair became flat after helping her upright the boat lol!

Then Justin asked me again while unrigging: Did you suck or did you just suck.

Lol. Not offended la. Just went off and checked my rankings to see if they were bluffing me annot. A bit impossible right!

Yah. Really. 7th.


Unrigged quite early and after everything we reached back to school all sleepy. Mrs Sidhu talked to us and then the B div. Audrey and Isabelle showed me this car with the word "Blitz" on the side, which is Cheeteng's audi nick.

Turns out, thats Mdm Parimala's husband's car. Omg her family has a bunch of cool cars la, including the Initial D copy :D

Justin seems to be psychic or something.. LOL.

I'VE GOT A THOUSAND BRUISES ON MY KNEES. And the ones on my left leg are like damn obvious. Like someone punched me. But instead of in the face its in the knee. Its black and red la. Shall take a pic of my bruises LOL. Zomg lame.

Actually its only 9 bruises. Heh.

Can't wait for the Seoul Garden dinnah on Friday!

Good luck to all the B div people.. Jiayou!

Yeshen this is to you too yah! Don't be so stressed up about not getting the results. Just do your best! Don't puke after the light wind race man. See you at service lol :D

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