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Monday, July 16, 2007

Memories at Old Ford Factory, Changi Museum and Kranji War Cemetery

Damn tired.

Today its like we spent the whole afternoon to early night on a tour bus around Changi, Kranji, Bukit Timah.. etc.

Thanks to the NE excursion. Lol.

But overall the NE (National Education) excursion was quite good, cos I think I gained more knowledge on history. Just sad I'm taking Geog this semester.

Ugh, speaking of Geog, UGHHHH Mrs Davids. *gives the crapped-up look*

We went to Memories at Old Ford Motor Factory, then Changi Museum, and then Kranji War Cemetery. Can't believe how emotional I got along the way la. At the Kranji War Cemetery.

The place was not scary (maybe cos we went there around 6pm+), but infact it was serene and very uhh, I forgot what was the word for it. But it was really very.. I dont know what the word is.

We had this ceremony there. I think its to commemorate the soldiers who fought there. I cried as the guy there played the trumpet-like instrument. Just teared a bit la. The song was sad, it sounded as if, if I were one of the soldiers, I would think "Is this the last time I will come back here like this song is titled the 'Last Post'?"

I dont know why I thought so much crap. But if I were a soldier, the song played at the ceremony today (its played reports to this post before going out to battle. Hence, the Last Post) would definitly mean I might not come back again.

Then when we walked past the tombstones, I almost cried when I saw how many soldiers died so young, and how many tombstones had just "Soldier of 1939-1945 War" or something like that. It was so sad can.

"He has fufilled his duty, and God called him home. His family.... (can't remember le)" I remembered this from one of the tombstones. I wanted to cry when I saw the he has fufilled his duty and God called him home sentence, it was touching. Thats why I could remember it.

Theres so much behind Singapore's history during the War.

24000 soldiers had their names on the walls, but no bodies. Their bodies were very badly decomposed and stuff or 'damaged' during the war.

Like, how sad la! WTF, they serve our country only to have their names on the wall with 24000 others only? I was super sad la.

Okay I shan't talk about it.

I'm getting emotional again. Ugh.

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