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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello. Still bored and at home.

I'm like, really bored.

Maybe cos the laptop has no games for me to play.

Okay, technically, it has. But I play one round of AuditionSEA and I'll lag out cos the internet's ram is too small to handle the game. =/

School's gonna end in a while, like, 20mins? Yeah. And at around 2pm everyone's gonna start coming online and flooding my laptop's screen with "-someone- has just signed in." popups from MSN Messenger =/

For now my online list of people are still limited and small. (at least I think it is. I havent checked yet lol).

And now I'm hungry for lunch already. I think my appetite is back. Haha. After a few weeks of surviving on only 1 or 2 meal(s) a day. Not cos I'm forced to but cos I dont get hungry. LOL =/

I dont know why I keep doing this smiley =/ today. Like uhhhh.

And Quin, I know you are like damn pro can. After 4 years of not playing basketball, you can do a 2 POINTER on your KNEES! :D

We played ABC yesterday during PT. Cos there was no cher, so we jogged 5 rounds around the field and played our own games.

Apparently basketball and soccer.

The guys first played soccer while the girls and some other guys played basketball.

Later the guys playing soccer changed their mind and played basketball.

Apparently another basketball appeared from nowhere (but its from the PE store) and the girls played basketball. We played ABC. With some sec1 guys and Jack. The rest of the guys were playing a basketball match lol.

Me, Isabelle, Quin, Bryan, Edward and Jack were like playing ABC then we moved on to just shooting from where we wanna shoot lol.

Then like around 4.30pm we resumed playing ABC. This time Quin wanted to do the whole ABC thing on her knees.


All her shoots that went in were done on her knees, and she got to the 3 pointer stage while still on her knees. It was almost possible to do 3 pointer while on her knees, but she didnt use enough arm power (see, sailors have enough arm power to actually do that sia) so she stood up and did a 3 pointer goal :D

Mubarak was like "wah sei, pro sia you Quin."

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