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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shiat-loads of photos, home-y alone-y and hungry :D

I don't know how many photos I edited for levels just now. Like, half my photos I took during interschool's 3rd and 4th day at the beach la. Lol.

Still pissed off at the fact I couldn't do better at interschools tho I'm happy with my ranking.

Yeshen's parents were at the breakwaters watching him sail! I was like, super envious. My parents wouldn't take time off to watch me do my sport. They'd watch my bro play badminton tho. D:


My maid went to my gran's house to sleep cos my aunt sent back my gran's maid for being super rude to her. Heh.

My parents are away at my aunt's house mahjong-ing. My bro's with them. So I'mma home alone-na!

Home alone and hungry omg. Almost midnight and I haven't eaten my dinner. Actually, 1 mouthful of the soggy beehoon and I almost spat it out. Seemed to be able to melt in my mouth man. Waiting for my mom's tabao-ed western food my aunt cooked. My mom said its nice and theres a lot. :D

Okay, gonna go upload a shiat-load full of photos to my deviantart account now. Do go check it out darlings! (dahliiinqks. OMG I just typed twit!) :D

I love 1!

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