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Sunday, July 01, 2007

STILL doing those quizzehs!

A - Alicia
B - Beverly
C - Celine
D - Darren Loh
E - Elizabeth
F - Felicia Lau
G - Gerald
H - Heidi
I - Isabelle
J - Justin
K - Kerrie
L - Luoling
M - Mubarak
N - Ningxin
O -
P - Peckkhee
Q - Quin
R - Ryan
S - Seraphina
T - Tzuling
U -
V -
W - Wenfeng
X - Xuanming
Y - Yeshen
Z - Zachary Poon

1. What does A sms you about?
Crap. Lol.

2. How many siblings does B have?
Err.. one? Correct annot Bev?

3. What is C's nickname?

4. How do you get to know D?

5. How desperate is E?
Very! 'Cos she's very desperate for me :D

6. How much is F older/younger then you?
A few months younger.

7. Name of G's best friend?
Should be Garian, my cousin.

8. Does H knows I?
Nope. One is from my church the other from my CCA/school. Don't think they will know each other.

9. What happens if J becomes your enemy?
Don't talk to him lor. A bit impossible tho for him to be my enemy.

10. Under what conditions will K & L get married?
Oh please they're not lesbian.

11. How many ppl do you know wif M's initial?
Eh, not sure. A few?

12. Do you enjoy talking on the phone wif N?
We hardly talk on the phone, more to face-to-face. Lol.

13. Do you think O knows P?
I can't think of a friend with an O in the starting of her name.

14. How geeky is Q?

15. Is R very popular?
With the girls? Maybeeee. Heh.

16. What happens if S likes you?
Not lesbian.. not lesbian! But I'd love her back.

17. Is T a very random person?

18. How are U and V related?

19. Do you take W as anything else other than a friend?
He's my 'bro'.

20. When is the last time u met up with X?
Last week in school?

21. Are Y & Z enemies?
They don't know each other.. yet. But Yeshen knows Zach by name. They would know each other from interschools :D

22. Of everyone from A - Z, who do you love the most?

23. Will you betray any of them?
Please, I know I'm mean but I'm not that mean.

24. Have you confessed to anyone from A - Z?

25. Pass it to the peeps from A- Z who have blogs.People from A-Z who has blog must do this!

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